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  1. Article in Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/peterlyon/2021/04/07/british-icon-caterham-cars-acquired-by-japanese-automotive-group/?sh=7dd288557783 "And what lies ahead for VT Holdings? While the Japan-based firm will now manage the day to day running of the business as Caterham cars are designed and built in the U.K., we can expect to see electric versions joining the lineup by 2030." Graham
  2. Spray brake cleaner around the carbs/manifold, if the engine revs change you have vacuum leak Graham
  3. Is the air filter setup stock? For that matter is the exhaust stock? Graham
  4. as I think someone said of your fuel pump was under peforming your run would lean out during the run, your afr stays pretty stable, so I think your just running lean. A plug chop with old already colored old plugs may not tell you what you want to know. Graham
  5. A miata is a computer controlled engine, so yes you will need the ecu and necessary electronics. If you swap to a megasquirt you can delete the mass airflow sensor. Graham
  6. escondidoron in correct, Hydraulics can are counter intuitive. It all about areas not diameter's. If you have a master cylinder that has a 1 Square Inch piston and you apply 100 pounds pressure to the pedal your hydraulic system is pressurized to 100psi. So if the area of the caliper pistons pressing on the pads is 2 Square Inch you have 200 pounds pressure at the pads. If you put in a larger master cylinder lets say 2 Square Inch but you still have the same 100 pounds pressure on the pedal you now only have 50psi in your system, with the same 2 square inch caliper pistons you only have 100psi
  7. I tried to take a picture on my Locost but it's up on jack stands so the suspension is in droop. But here is a picture you can see the upward slope of the top a-arm. A better place to ask your question is the Locost forum, lots of very knowledgeable people on suspension design, check out http://locostusa.com/forums/ http://www.mglocost.com/images/big/lfcorner.jpg
  8. If you have the a-arms parallel the wheel move directly up and down, the camber will remain the same, that is very bad, because as the chassis rolls in the turns you will get increasing positive camber, not good. So you want the upper control arm lower by the chassis, that will increase the negative camber as the wheel moves up. That will increase in the positive camber that will be offset by the chassis rolling. So if the angles are correct you will still have negative camber throughout the corner. Graham
  9. The new track focused Birkin Tom was driving at NJMP 2020 was a stunning looking car. Inboard shock and a very neat inboard anti roll bar setup. I loved the one piece hood that went right up to the dash so all the elecrickery was easy to work on. Graham
  10. Check out the 2017 NJMP event we had a beautiful Mallock on the track
  11. He has Mallock for sale, very cool. Graham
  12. There is a simple test, use a volt meter and measure your battery voltage with the car not running. Start the car let it warm up and settle to a steady idle, measure the battery village again with the engine running. If voltage running is less than voltage not running your alternator is not putting out enough current at issue speed. My tiny alternator has that problem, but I don't spend extended time at idle. Graham
  13. Good luck. Thanks for all your effort. Graham
  14. I refitted a panel directly behind the nose cone on my Locost. It has been laying around in the garage for years I had just not got around to putting it back on. The car went from running very cool to instant overheating, about 4 laps at VIR and I was at critical temps. There is a lot of air coming thru the nosecone it has to go somewhere. I tried to upload a picture, but it did not work. Graham
  15. I have done a couple of there events when I lived in Chicago. Well run, great routes and a great group of guys. Alas 1000 miles away from my current location. Graham
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