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BROOKLANDS AEROSCREEN SQUARE TOP received from Bristol, UK in TKO today.

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I declare no COI (conflict of interest) for this input.
I received the item from UK. I ordered the item on net directly to the vender on May 10 2021 on the net directly to his/her site, and received the item in TKO today May 14 via DHL. Cost was Total Goods £76.68 + Post & Packing £23.00. At first, I am afraid that there is no guarantee for tracking record as ebay, however it was groundless fear, since shortly after ordering, I received the information for tracking from DHL, indicating,
Ordered on May 10, departed from DHL facility on 19:25 at Bristol UK on May 11, departed from East Midlands, UK at 22:50 May 11, departed from Leipzig facility at 13:27 May 12, reached the facility of DHL in Japan at 11:03 May 13, got through clearance from customs of Nippon at 11;07 May 13, handed over to the Japanese courier at 13:47 May 13, and received at Kohinata residence, Bunkyo, Tokyo at 11:xx May 14. What a convenient and secure world with international courier services !


Stafford Vehicle Components
Unit 7 Merebrook Business park
Hanley Road
WR13 6NP


I would transform my Birkin 7 (1993 model) to poorman's Bugatti type 59 as this model (urago, 1/18) in the future.





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