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  1. Congratulations and welcome. Have fun, fun, fun.
  2. KEEP UM COMING. Could we have a list of whose who, maybe by color and number?
  3. https://click.member.hagerty.com/?qs=cecee6ec109cf366f34fffab5af775b10a3a752ce5454e92d2e6ce93039f9f7dc3887b5d9fb68ff2f0538135586d10da62f45e5676615b167e9339863d2a04af
  4. The future is coming. And it doesn't look half bad. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a37484399/porsche-mission-r-electric-future-racing/?source=nl&utm_source=nl_cdb&utm_medium=email&date=090721&utm_campaign=nl24526983
  5. Congratulations, Professor! I say the bid $ earlier this morning and could hardly believe it. Very well bought indeed.
  6. Congratulations! With the hassle people have registering theses cars, there is an interesting side note. Hagerty offers a coverage (Cherished Salvage ) that lets you keep the salvage after a (agreed upon value) total loss, at no charge. The extra premium is 15% of the damage premium. My whole total annual premium in Texas is $305, so 15% of something less than that. At worst, say you need a replacement frame and a corner, you still have the state registered identity of the car (1965 Lotus) and are building a kit over. Of course you get a hicky of "salvage" on the title.
  7. #1. What does the Texas title call it?
  8. Croc, hurry. The cheapest way you your to get a 400 actually on the road. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1984-ferrari-400-11/
  9. Bball7754, Thanks and thanks a lot. That was a nice read, as expected from A.F. So now I have yet another email article coming in weekly. Must find more time.
  10. Not even a Brooklands must add to the drama for the passenger.
  11. Great article. Nice photos, especially the lead one with the yellow stripes down the side of your car. Have a beer on me.
  12. ..."With you being in TX there likely will be lots of CA residents interested but they are going through the whole SB100 registration issues which you can't really help them with. Many other buyers will be interested in how it's titled due to complications of owning it in their states after. I assume it's registered as a 2013 in Texas. Ideally if it's titled as a 1965 replica or similar that's most desired at it opens up most possibilities for use in other states without issues..." If it is registered on a Texas Antique plate, the title probably says something like mine - 1965 Lotu
  13. Good for you. Plenty of time for driving. My old man drove till he was 91.
  14. One more simple thing you might check. Verify that the fan is turning in the right direction - push / pull.
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