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  1. I would think a good hot rod, vintage shop could handle it. Please let us know how the claims process goes. Hopefully smoothly, if the P/U has clear liability.
  2. Congratulations. As always, when a bureaucrat saws NO, go to a different bureaucrat. Feels good to be legal, I bet.
  3. Same problem in Dallas heat, and the knee rubbed, not comfy. So, I cut a square of foam rubber from an old keyboard wrist rest, covered it in leather and glued to tunnel. When the knee is not in contact, the car heat is not a problem compared to the furnace in the sky.
  4. Alternative to a Stalker on BAT https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2019-troy-indy-special/?utm_source=dm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2022-04-29
  5. Thanks, guys. At last, people that know their sluff better than Moss.
  6. Help! Below are some photos of the front suspension. I need new ball joints. Tom has the uppers, but we can't ID the lower. The up-right appears to be Triumph trunnion, so I sent the photos to Moss Motors, figuring they know all things Triumph. They said that at first glance the up-right looks like Spitfire, but then decided it isn't. In the end, they say they don't have what I need. Any ideas? This a 1986-1989(?) Birkin. Thanks for any leads.
  7. Welcome. I'm sure folks here are going to enjoy photos of your car's progress.
  8. I assume FI, so the hose is under pressure. Is it old? When I had my high pressure hoses made with fittings, I found that a couple places did not do material that can stand up to gasoline. I suspect someone made hoses of the wrong material. Mind you, the ones I replaced were 25 years old and NOT leaking.
  9. What? No Shelby Cobra decor. Say it ain't so.
  10. I suppose a legal answer would be "Hell No!", but who cares? Depends on how friendly you inspector is, if applicable. It appears that most police are more interested than concerned. I recently had one pull over to talk for about 1/2 hour. I was had the Brooklands with no wipers on. He was also anxious to hear (in a good way) my exhaust on take off. I put the wipers on once a year for my safety inspection. Fortunately my inspector doesn't ask to turn them on, as they would flop over the end of the glass and then be stuck.
  11. You're still special to your mom. Besides 49 to the USA is less than one per state. Special!
  12. OK, it's not much like a Seven. But, it nice that other wacko cars are available it liberated countries. 225 hp for 680 kg., no Miata here. https://www.devalliet.fr/modeles-mugello/ Anyway, my car has a Peugeot engine. My first proper sport car was a Dinalpin. Plus, I drove a Turbo 2 from Dallas to Toluca, Mexico, and never did figure out how to turn on the headlights (other than shunting fuses with a chewing gum aluminum wrapper. Love the nutty French stuff.
  13. I tried to look at early this morning and the link kept going back to the featured cars page. Could not get to the Westy at all. Maybe BAT is overloading it's self.
  14. The Miata is dead reliable even when driven hard. I know a bunch, including mine, that autocross with over 140k miles. Full RPM used (7,200) every run and no problems, just routine maintenance. Modern tech, materials and tolerances are just so much better. Plenty modern engines make over 100 hp/liter yet are reliable. Progress. It is a shame about the weight though. Better rust proofing and very few chassis problems and reasonable mileage. If someone built a really light sport car now, it would be fabulous. Under a million $ please.
  15. "I also repositioned the clutch input and bleed and simply filled the old holes with J-B Weld, then made a cover for the bellhousing - I did drop a screw in last summer." I am so delighted that a machinist as sophisticated as you can still find a use for J-B Weld. It's all beautiful work.
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