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  1. From Andrew Frankel's very favorable review of the new Cat Super Seven 1600 in the November issue of Motorsport. Applies to a lot of old sport cars, beside any Seven. You may not be aware of it, but we’re always correcting and making allowances for modern cars because their weight, size and softness means they respond only in an approximate manner.
  2. A bit out of an article by Miles Collier. The article is about a drive in his 1914 RR. This goes to the point for some of us semi luddites. As the old adage goes, “they don’t make them like they used to,” and they don’t operate the way they used to either. What’s in play here is the concept of mastery. Mastery is one of the seven pathways by which we engage with historical automobiles. The other six are: nostalgia, aesthetics, history, technology, competition, and fellowship. Mastery is the attraction of interacting with the automobile as active, vibrant, and working matter. E
  3. Those are some brave lads standing by the course.
  4. We won't have nearly the problem of folks with production cars, trying to keep them standard and/or original. Our cars are pretty adaptable, for the most part. Obviously, early Lotus cars want to appear as original as possible, but for us later types, that hardly matters in many areas. Electronics will be the hardest for trying to keep a production car original. We could just adapt another system, as many here have done anyway Tires are already a bit of an issue for some that don't want to change wheels. I can't see putting 16-18" rims on a Seven. There are severa
  5. The key chain has cycle fenders like my car. It had a full windshield, but it broke so now it matches my Brooklands.
  6. I bet most car drivers never think about working on car keys, or switches. Good thing Seven owners are not anal. When I got my Birkin, the original owner just left the key in the switch, even if parked in the open. Super good karma? The problem was that the ear of the key jammed against the padded lower dash, so the key could not rotate to LOCK to be removed. Not having led such a holy life, one of my first projects was to remove the key. I patiently fiddled it with pliers and bit by bit got it out without damaging the padding. Next step (besides getting a duplicate) was to c
  7. To echo the rest, YES, go for it. I have a suggestion for storing one of your other cars. I could move the wife's car out of the garage...
  8. Good idea, scannon. I might have to do that. Thanks.
  9. " I suppose under-bonnet space is at a premium, but river fording is definitely out." Well, not being in Texas, it is not a BIG 4X4. also, wet sump limits imaginary boulder clearance. At least it is hung with tie wire, so that's something.
  10. Hurray! Another right side drive Birkin. Welcome.
  11. Congratulations. Now you re golden. My car is titled as 1965 and it makes everything so easy. This is another example of the variety of attitudes at different official offices. A beurocrat's attitude can have a very real affect on the individual. Never give up after a bad experience, just try another office or clerk. Sometimes the letter of the regulation does not matter as much as how the spouse treated them before they went to work that morning.
  12. PRODUCT OF THE DAY Getting in and out of your Seven has never been easier BRAND NEW FOR APRIL 1ST Today we introduce our new lubricant - meaning that your Seven is very-easy-to-get-in-and-out-of, you know. Check It Out
  13. Prescription safety glasses in clear and tint. Great price at Sam's. Sometime a shorty motorcycle helmet (chrome for visibility). Caps won't stay on much over 35. Brooklands give more wind that a windshield, but direct instead of buffeting all around, so I prefer them. For long highway cruising, a closed helmet makes it as smooth and quiet as a limo. Gotta have my ear plugs.
  14. Now y'all see what we in the old Birkin yahoo group were enjoying for years.
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