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  1. Scott, He is just working on the car. Or on gardening leave. Or cooking some Spam.
  2. More bespoke. Remember we're talking about the V16 made from thin air. Too bad about the shabby interior? But, it's a race car.
  3. Just wondering... Does your crewman reach down and help with the submarine belt(s) like on TV?
  4. I cannot imagine what it cost them to do this car. Same folks that made the Auto Union replica gran prix cars. https://www.magnetomagazine.com/secret-auto-union-revealed-at-goodwood/?inf_contact_key=bc641ddfc88e0bf9ad7f0f060a0754a3680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1
  5. Totally agree with sanding. If you personally know a cop, they have all kind of groovy equipment in the Stolen car area to read through paint, and alterations, etc.
  6. Speaking of DMVs. I paid ($17?) for a copy of a file for some old car to TXDOT. Never got anything. California told me they will not search anything older than 10 years ago without a court order.
  7. You can also gain a little space by removing the pads and just putting friction tape on brake and clutch pedals.
  8. Check the SCCA website for the car that usually wins DM at Nationals and see what is running at other national tour stops. From the few photos I recall, I would bet you are up against 200 HP (bike) and 900 pounds. Like Bernie said, the cars are custom built race cars. A WCM should be able to hold its own in Region, Division and no idea about Pro and Tour stuff. Just depends on who shows up. I wouldn't let all that be too big a concern in buying a good WCM.
  9. The sale: https://blipshift.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7503af90f99da6117258a460e&id=e6f31b35ea&e=666b17d30c
  10. If you missed em, better hurry. They ar cleaning out left overs. L and XL Medium only
  11. Get good quality Safety glasses, clear and tinted. Not the $3 throw aways. If you use a prescription, Sam's is quite reasonable. I've never gotten anything in my eyes with them. If you're going far on the highway, nothing beats a full face helmet. I feels like you're in a limo. But of course one looks dorky as hell.
  12. Just ask who has the biggest huevos!
  13. "This part of the article is no surprise, but it still makes me shake my head in disbelief: "Ask Laishley how long it takes to build a Caterham and he answers candidly, “I don’t know.” That’s because each builder has his or her own methods and each car is unique." How can you drive towards consistent quality, efficiency, and profitability in a production environment when everyone does it their own way? The new space is pretty though." Yes, sometimes there are many ways to do a job. But, there is almost always the BEST WAY and all the other ways are not as good, some terrible. I am always amazed reading builders' logs with horror stories. A kit from a company that has done the same basic kit for 50 years could be expected to find the best way and enforce it. It took Porsche until the early 1990s to see the light, with help from Japanese consultants. It took Ferrari even longer, but they finally got it well over 20 years ago.
  14. https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/how-caterham-is-racing-forward-in-its-new-factory/?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=MED_UN_NA_EML_UN_UN_DailyDriver_Monday&hashed_email=bf9d7e674bc6d8f4e3a8a1455254f016972c0911201aa28305479ef87bb7c20c&dtm_em=bf9d7e674bc6d8f4e3a8a1455254f016972c0911201aa28305479ef87bb7c20c
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