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  1. Bball7754, Thanks and thanks a lot. That was a nice read, as expected from A.F. So now I have yet another email article coming in weekly. Must find more time.
  2. Not even a Brooklands must add to the drama for the passenger.
  3. Great article. Nice photos, especially the lead one with the yellow stripes down the side of your car. Have a beer on me.
  4. ..."With you being in TX there likely will be lots of CA residents interested but they are going through the whole SB100 registration issues which you can't really help them with. Many other buyers will be interested in how it's titled due to complications of owning it in their states after. I assume it's registered as a 2013 in Texas. Ideally if it's titled as a 1965 replica or similar that's most desired at it opens up most possibilities for use in other states without issues..." If it is registered on a Texas Antique plate, the title probably says something like mine - 1965 Lotu
  5. Good for you. Plenty of time for driving. My old man drove till he was 91.
  6. One more simple thing you might check. Verify that the fan is turning in the right direction - push / pull.
  7. It is not at USA7s, Go to Locostusa.com
  8. latest article: https://www.autoweek.com/car-life/diy/a36892780/this-british-kit-car-could-get-plenty-of-new-people-into-racing/
  9. bottom lines says it is again available. http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=20950&sid=cb41e29e4b7c81034a7fbb9551cd4cf1
  10. Seeing this fast one brings up a question to me. Which generates most/less lift? Clam shells or cycle fenders? The clam shells look obvious, but then we have seen cycles fenders with flat tops or flat with a bit of a duck tail (thank you Richie Ginther). Anyone tested both systems? Data? Comparable lap times?
  11. And he deserves a boot load of Atta Boys, since he has already got a bunch of Aw Sh-ts.
  12. As a bit of clarification (aka 2 bits). Caterham has sued just abut all accurate replica makers. Too bad Ford did not take such care of the Cobra. The only case they lost was against Birkin. As I read the case, there are some interesting points. The original contract from Lotus to Caterham was for continuing Seven production (the Series 4), and for supplying parts for all previous models (S1,2,3). At the official introduction of the Birkin, the entire Lotus Formula One team and Chapman family were in attendance. The Birkins were sold in S.A. through authorized Lotus dealers. Of course
  13. Vovchandr, I'm not sure if the forum has a "Stiff Upper Lip" award, but I think you are earning it. Carry on.
  14. Looks like the ghost of a tool box emerging from the boot. Great job. You can come strip mine any day.
  15. 2012 Cat, in Calif. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ctd/d/summerland-2012-caterham-roadsport-sv/7335340474.html
  16. The question is, Does it ever end? One does tire of unpleasantries.
  17. Cool. I saw that a while back. Looks simple enough to build and fun.
  18. At least we now know where they come from. Of course, in USA, you could get get truck-lites for less than $10 each.
  19. I love the front number plate, very British style. If enough (zero so far) cops bothered me about no front plate, I wonder if that would help? Cheers to the final buyer.
  20. If the Tesla is such a pig, why did SCCA move it UP 2 classes for autocross after its first season?
  21. Why do the TV announcers on Golf shows whisper? So they don't wake the viewing audience at home. Why do the TV announcers on F1 scream so loud? To keep the viewing audience at home awake.
  22. Croc, You really aren't married, are you?
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