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Caterham 6-speed parts

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Not that I am aware of - its always 1 to 1 6th with the same standard set ratios on all gears.  The only upgrade parts that I have seen exist are an upgraded layshaft (Tracsport) and upgraded shifter springs (Road & Race Transmissions and Westerman).  


The usual method is to alter final drive via a new diff ratio.  


Anyway, if you were starting from scratch today, given Caterham no longer supports the gearbox and there are very few independent places that support the gearbox, you would be better off looking at other alternatives such as an upgraded T-9 or the Mazda 5 speed (as currently used by Caterham - assuming it will fit in the chassis you have) or sequentials such as Sadev or Quaife.

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Thanks for the info. A friend has one in his Caterham and was bemoaning the lack of an overdrive option. I was sure someone here would have a definitive answer.

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