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  1. You will struggle doing that in this Caterham. Look at the photos of the engine bay and imagine removing all that extraneous piping, hoses, etc just to get to the engine. I thought my two V12s were bad...
  2. Just want to wish our Florida members all the best as they deal with the aftermath of this storm. The only ones I know off the top of my head are @Anaximander and @jeffs - hope you guys are doing ok?
  3. Caterham at Bringatrailer No Reserve: Turbocharged Caterham Super Seven for sale on BaT Auctions - ending October 5 (Lot #86,450) | Bring a Trailer
  4. Its definitely the resizing as the graininess is not there on the hi res photos. If you look at the pics in the gallery, each is identified with a file name. PM me a list of those file names and I will arrange to send a dropbox link.
  5. First session were 3 year old tires - so it predictably spun on the warm up lap. Then it was fresh tires after that. No tire warmers though. Ambient temps were 70 degrees.
  6. Its a 3.5L straight 6 - a V8 is closer to a V12. I ran out of time to do the video on the weekend. The May 2022 video is on Youtube but it is still boring as we are still eliminating problems and working the times down.
  7. And for those that saw it in the pits, the BMW CSL got some track time as I continue to iron out the post-restoration bugs - achieved its fastest time 1 min33 around Thunderbolt. Just another 5-6 seconds to go in developing it....
  8. Formula Ford just ducking inside Tom before the NJ Devil section @yellowss7 Blake Paul John
  9. Simon Graham Who says these cars are not a work out - look at the arm muscles on Jay @Black Hole Mike Jim Nothing like an F1000 down the inside to wake up Blake @BlakeJ
  10. Tom @yellowss7 Simon Mike @Croc Jay Jim @FE07 Kevin
  11. Front to back: Simon @simon450, Blake, Paul @wemtd in his Birkin, Kevin in his Haynes 7 Front to Back: Graham, Simon, Blake, Paul, Kevin Roman - WCM Ultralite Graham - Locost John @John B
  12. 1999 Williams F1 car - former Villeneuve. Owner was driving it for the first time in anger. Kudos for trying the driving equivalent of climbing Mt Everest. Blake Kevin Justin Front to back: Graham, Kevin, Mike
  13. Graham @fastg in his Locost Des @NSXguy torquing up the wheel nuts I had to resize the photos to fit within the size limits of this website. So some photos will look a little grainy. If you want a high res image then I can provide.
  14. Featuring some of the best photos below. Roman @RGTorque in his WCM Ultralite Jay @Black Hole Me Justin @DatsunRBZ Kevin in his Haynes 7
  15. Photo galleries are now live with some stunning photos from Mike Woeller and his wife of Windshadow Photography. Four galleries are here: They include some on track and in pits photos of the Williams F1 car.
  16. Croc

    2022 USA7s Event at NJMP - Part 4 - Track Photos

    The USA7s HPDE Event at NJMP was held September 18/19 at NJMP Thunderbolt Circuit.
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