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  1. Week Beginning April 18, 2021 NEW Locost project LocostUSA.com • View topic - Running & Driving - not titled Locost for sale and here Marketplace - 1972 Lotus 7 | Facebook Replica/Caterham Project (back again after an absence) LocostUSA.com • View topic - Miata based Book Locost with a Caterham SV frame + donor and here Marketplace - 2020 Lotus Locost Caterham Seven 7 | Facebook Locost LocostUSA.com • View topic - FS: Vodou Locost Caterham Lotus Super 7/ Caterham
  2. Plenty of experienced individuals on this forum who know how to spin....again and again...
  3. As others have said, check the title for how it is described. Assuming it is its year of kit build (e.g. 2013 Caterham Seven) then for research I would head to the SEMA website. They have a 50 state guide to titling and registering replica cars Everything You Need to Register and Title Your Hobby Car in All 50 States | SEMA ACTION NETWORK (semasan.com) After this, I would head to the OR DMV site and trawl it for forms/information or track down the person in the DMV in charge of this area and talk through what you have to do. The trick is finding the right person to talk to.
  4. @Cueball1 Thanks for the thanks! Hope you find the car of your dreams here!
  5. For those that have forgotten, Seb is the type of guy who polishes his car. He's only a year younger than Simon - so same age essentially, same level of gray hair, and same level of talent that sees them both spray off into the scenery from time to time.
  6. Croc


    I love it! Good to see the truck driver has a sense of humor!
  7. Expect that we will all have to upgrade to accommodate changes over time. For example, ECU. On one of my 1990s era cars, the ECU and some bits for the wiring and engine harness are no longer available and no one can service them or tune them safely any longer. Solution is to install a new ECU and engine harness to bring it up to date. Engines seem to last. People said the same thing as the crossflow faded out of production. Some upgraded to Zetecs or eventually Duratecs. Others continued on with their crossflows. Even today you can still get bits and rebuild them from spe
  8. Cannot see this video having been posted previously A Silodrome article goes along with it Not Just A Number – A Documentary About The History Of The Lotus + Caterham 7 (silodrome.com)
  9. Week Beginning April 11, 2021 NEW Replica (back again after an absence) Lotus super 7 replica - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) Caterham Turbocharged Zetec-Powered Caterham Seven SV for sale on BaT Auctions - ending April 15 (Lot #46,297) | Bring a Trailer Locost LocostUSA.com • View topic - FS: BEC Locost Autocrosser Caterham (top item) (also has a Lotus 7 S2 listed) INVENTORY (rockymountaincaterham.com) Lotus 7 S4 Hemmings Auctions |
  10. If you want track only - Sadev 6 speed sequential. Gear level goes neatly through existing hole. Nicely snickety action. If you want road use for cruising and some track time then get BGH to build you a Ford T-9 with uprated heavy duty bits and an optimized gear set. BGH Home (bghgeartech.co.uk)
  11. The trick with reaching a seller after auction or actually anyone on Bringatrailer is to find an auction where they commented and simply add a post to the end with a @NAME [swap in their profile name] and say you are trying to make contact and provide your email. Most users have it set to get an email if they get an attribution in a Bringatrailer post. It may just work this time for you.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Design Analysis of the Lotus 7 S4 Author: Andrew Brown
  13. John - your car has a Ford T-9 box. I remember it from the previous owner to you. Not sure a T-9 will last long with that hp - watch the synchros as they will go first.
  14. Even more impressive results on 93 octane. Calling @SK400 to this thread. I'd upgrade your new engine if I were you.
  15. For windshield, maybe adapting a Brooklands screen set up? If you are trying to find original windscreens, look in New Zealand - they sold a lot of the Steel Brothers version of the S4 or the UK as you would expect. I bet an original windscreen is out there somewhere with a bit of searching. Spares seem to be easier to find there than in USA. I can validate that tall folks will fit an S4. A member on here 6'2" fitted with seats installed with an S4 he used to own. Figure removing seats gives you more leg room again for your need.
  16. Foam insert: This is a controversial topic on L7C for Vauxhall and particularly Rover engines. It degrades over time and little bits of foam break off. People say bin it. People still use it. If you are dry sumping then the foam would go anyway. The traditional dry sump kits for Vauxhall were done with either Titan or Pace bits. Dry sump tank usually goes up front under the nose cone, behind the radiator or is squeezed in around the front of the footwells in the engine bay. If Titan or Pace no longer have the tanks then look at Burton Power for some generic types or Mocal.
  17. Welcome to the forum @TheKid9 Not sure you should ever ask me an opinion on whether to buy given how many cars I have. I always just say yes! While I never owned an S4, I have driven one. Comparing it to my ex-Lotus 7 S2, it was a lot stiffer in the chassis, similar to the later Caterham deDion chassis-ied cars I have owned over the years. The S2 was like a wet noodle - not much holding it together. The S4 was a bigger cockpit than the S2 so better for touring. Fiberglass body reduced the buffetting somewhat compared with the traditional se7en shape. Same accompl
  18. Replica Lotus super 7 replica - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org) With a Jalopnik write up on it attached At $4,750, Could This Lotus Seven Replica Be The Real Deal? (jalopnik.com)
  19. Impressive result. No reason to ever go above 7500rpm based on that plot. Impressively flat power delivery curve across the rev range. interesting how the torque curve tapers starting at 6000. Here's hoping third time is the charm for you.
  20. Thank you @EdWills and @SENC I started an Article to collect resource links like this so they are preserved in one place for people researching solutions. As others as found they can be added to the list. Useful Resource Links Found on the Internet for Se7ens - Looking for a Se7en? - USA7s If you have additional suggestions please let me know and I will update the Article. Also as a reminder, the technical library has the ability to attach pertinent documents for download by other club members.
  21. New links will be added as they surface The Lotus Seven at Anglo-Canadian Information, advice and specifications on the steering rack used on the Seven, as well as spring and shocks for road use cars, plus leads to parts plus specifications that may come in handy. Many original Lotus and Caterham 'original' parts are now becoming harder to find. The Lotus Seven at Anglo Canadian – Lotus Seven Research by William Fayers (anglocanadianlotus7.ca) SEMA - 50 State Guide to Titling and Registering Replica Build Cars Everything You Need to Regist
  22. I just pinged a UK friend with a C20XE and he pointed to Autovaux in the UK. Recommended you call in person as the search on the website is not the brightest. Don't know any USA parts source for a C20XE. For Caterham parts of an older year car like yours then your best bet is going to be Rocky Mountain Caterham as they have the best store of older model parts. Beyond that you are calling Caterham parts in the UK or Redline UK.
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