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Stalker Classic R Coming Back To Florida

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Pee Wee, Mr. Bill and Less Suave were devastated when I sold my last Stalker and bought one of the last C7 Corvettes. The C7 was sort of fun but just not nearly as fun as a se7enesque car. Over the years, I have jonesed for a Stalker that more closely followed the 1962 Lotus 7 lines and was lucky enough to have an owner sell me their car this month. 


It sports an LS3/480 like my last Stalker XL but unlike the XL, the wheelbase is 10" shorter and 4" narrower which is to my personal liking. The XL is better for fast tracks but I am not into HPDE's or wheel to wheel racing. The car has been checked for corner weighting and is only 9 pounds off from being 50/50 in weight distribution. It was assembled from all brand new parts and I am fortunate to have Scott Minehart, the designer/owner/builder less than an hour from the house should I need professional support from someone who knows these cars intimately.

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3 hours ago, Kitcat said:

I will now hand comments  over to Croc....


Comments?  Me?  Bob and I have been chatting offline for a while so nothing to add that I have not said to him already.  


Every good man deserves a toy from Santa at Christmas! :party:

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Croc needn't weigh in any further than the constant skillful bombardment he has presented concerning se7ens in his Sunday listings roundups. I have been jonesing for that Aqua-colored classic M-Spec Stalker ever since it was first posted by Croc. I can't tell you how many times I would click on the link provided by Croc weekly and drink in all of the nuances on se7ens that Croc's Sunday roundup provided us. Yes, I have seen many other se7ens that caught my eye and came close to buying a 420r kit and building it myself. However, lacking a certain amount of confidence in my assembly skills, I avoided that very intriguing challenge. 


I can say that a sevenesque car, with USA sourced components, has always held my attention just a bit more than the exotics we see coming over the pond. They generally do not have all of the panache that a Lotus or Caterham may exude. However, in these current days of supply chain issues, it was my considered opinion that if I were to get back into another sevenesque car that I might be better served by buying one that was made a mere 2 hours from my home. I can understand that many would consider the Storkers to be wannabe imposters but when I would drive one of my previous 4 Stalkers, I would experience something viscerally with the raw power and lack of compensating systems that has allowed me to be the master of the car rather than an electronic "nanny". As Dennis Brunton had opined in the past, these cars need to be respected (like all high performance cars) and can be a danger in the hands of fools (my literary license on his comments). 


Here in the South, I give very large distance margins to jacked up pickup trucks in front of me at a light due to the recognition that in terms of vehicular conspicuity, our se7ens are but tiny specs compared to the largesse of those behemoth pickups and some SUV's. 


With all that being said, I am glad for Croc's postings and for all of the fun stories shared by my USA7s fellow enthusiasts.



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