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Removing water marks from carbon nose and cycle wings

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I'd soak paper towels in vinegar and spread over the fender and wait a few minutes, then it will probably come off with a light touch from a plastic pot scrubber.


Try a small spot first.


To be easier to clean, maybe try a rustoleum aerosol eggshell/satin clear coat after they are pretty again, with acetone prep to remove residual vinegar.

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Spots are from water soaking into the weave.  They are very difficult to remove and your best bet everytime is prevention before it happens with 3M clear film when the carbon is new.  The best options that seem to come up again and again as the best solution are:


1) WD40 - spray liberally, rub in, leave to soak overnight, rub again.  May require multiple tries.  Some people say it does not last as long as the other options below so you have to do it again and again.  


2) Wood Silk furniture polish - cover liberally, polish and repeat again.  Can be found on Amazon

Amazon.com: Aristowax Original Wood Silk Aerosol Fine Furniture Polish w Beeswax NO SILICONE (1) : Health & Household


3) Autoglym super resin polish.  Same approach as the others above.


4) Mer Bumper and Vinyl gel - almost impossible to find in North America as it is a UK only product. 


Be careful with the clear coat as these spots will come back again and again.  Cover it with clear coat and you are stuck with the spots under the clear coat.  



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Thanks everyone. Looks like some vinegar and polishing did the trick


Definitely going to get some PPF on these




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