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IF anyone has anything to contribute please feel free to PM me or just post up a thread about the event.







insert forum url

Sunday May 1 Lotus Enthusaists Drive ~ Milford,NJ/The Ship Inn

June 11 or 18 NJ USA7s Drive ~ Frenchtown

LOG 31

10/14-16, Las Vegas, NM. http://www.loglasvegas.com/






SCCA National Tour

6/3-5 - Dover, De

SCCA Pro Solo Tour

5/20-22 - Meadowlands, NJ

SCCA Northeast Divisional Event



SCCA Philly Region


Sun. 20th - Event #1 - Dover - Registration

Sat. 26th - Street Survival - Delaware Park (Tentative)


Sun. 10th - Event #2 - CBP

Sat. 16th - Novice School Class - JSC Speed

Sun. 17th - Novice School - Warminster


Sun. 1st - Test & Tune - Premiere Event #1 - Dover

Sun. 15th - Event #3 - Warminster


Sat. 4th - Philly National Tour

Sun. 5th - Philly National Tour

Sun. 19th - Father's Day / Event #4 - CBP

Sat. 25th - EVO School - Dover / Intermediate School Class - JSC Speed

Sun. 26th - Premiere Event #2/Intermediate School - Warminster


Sun. 10th - Event #5 - Warminster

Sun. 17th - Double Cross Premiere Event #3 - Wells Fargo


Sat. 6th - Holbert Event #6 - Warminster

Sun. 7th - Holbert Event #7 - Warminster


Sun. 18th - Novice School - Delaware Park (Tentative)

Sun. 25th - Event #8 - Warminster


Sun. 9th - Event #9 - Dover

Sat. 15th - Street Survival - Warminster


Sun. 6th - Event #10 - Warminster



SCCA North NJ Region @Meadowlands, Lot E


4/9 + 2 EVO Advantage schools

4/16 + EVO Phase 1




May 20-22 - SCCA Pro Solo - New Jersey- New Meadowlands - Hosted by the NNJR SCCA -Registration for the NJ Pro Solo is open for Solo Passport holders from March 8-22, 2011. The event opens to non Solo Passport holders on March 22, 2011. Registration


6/19 - Sunday - Meadowlands Lot E - Points event

8/6 - Meadowlands Lot E + EVO Phase 2


NY Regions SCCA/ BMWCCA/ PCA - Nassau Colesium, Uniondale, NY unless specified.



April 17th (tentative)

May 28

June 25

August 6

September 17

October 1

October 15



Track events

4/16-17 NASA HPDE event at NJMP.

5/14-15 PCA HPDE at Pocono Raceway


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first update in a year. srsly, 364:eek: . blah blah blah i'm a deadbeat:cool: . anyone who wants to recieve email updates or submit them (that way may certainly do so) i'm sure something can be worked out once Mazda wants to procrastinate for a bit;)


Otherwise, anyone under the USA7s, LEO, LOONY, SCCA, NASA, et al bandwagon please feel free to submit any type of event that may interest a fellow se7en/Lotus/car enthusiast.

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