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How to Bypass the Strattec Immobilizer


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I have a 2003 Caterham with the Strattec immobilizer and would like to know how to bypass.  There are four wires, so I'm guessing that two energize the loop and the other two report the resulting current.  Assuming the amount of generated current generated doesn't matter, I'm thinking that I could bond the two positives together and the two negatives together to bypass.  This is all guesswork on my part and access is making testing the theory problematic and I can't find any information on pinouts.


Anyone have any related knowledge you can share?

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To prevent yourself from being immobilized (for whatever reason) in the future, terminals could be added to bypass the immobilizer control box. It may only be interrupting one wire, such as keyed power in start and run to the ecu. Then it won't matter if you use a standard key or any immobilizer component fails.

I like the idea of a momentary switch for the horn button to be a start button while holding the momentary, with the key in the run position. Thieves don't normally want to hit the horn. Another idea is a fuel pump that stops working after 15 seconds, disabling the car; likely blocking traffic.

Air tag is a good idea to keep in the car too. The battery is replaceable but I'm not sure how long it works but it seems the car could incorporate a 14vdc charger/maintainer with tag mods.



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