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  1. Very nice! Sorry to pepper with questions, but your answer does beg the question as to the compression ratio? Just wondering if a little racier fuel wouldn't bring out a fair bit more power (not that it is needed, of course).
  2. @John B, sorry if you already mentioned, but what fuel was used to get those numbers?
  3. When I'm really bored and feeling flush, I'll replace the key/pushbutton in my Caterham with a FOB/pushbutton solution.
  4. And here is the bottom of the marshmallow getting toasted.
  5. "Seeing Lance in his lovely Lotus is like seeing a marshmallow being pushed into a bottle top."
  6. You guys are killing me. My bone stock Seven hasn’t reached its first birthday yet and not seen but a few road miles but now it needs a Cosworth. I need help I think.
  7. It really ejected itself with purpose - straight up.
  8. My Caterham shipped with 13" Avons so presumably I have the 76101 stays. If you want me to measure so you can compare to your original stays just let me know.
  9. I've always been fascinated with the engineering that goes into carburetors. This Constant Depression design looks like it uses an air valve to deal with changing atmospheric pressure. Any problem with that valve would seem more likely to result in a rich condition though, so probably not the culprit. But what about the float level? Is it possible the fuel level is too low in the float chamber?
  10. That's where my head was originally Graham, but I was thinking an air leak between the carbs and the manifold.
  11. John, I just read you original post again and see the AFR is lean from mid onward. If the AFR is real and it is a fuel issue than doesn't it seem like jetting given you were still building power throughout?
  12. Interesting. Do the needles have a profile that is more complex than a linear taper then?
  13. All of the discussion has been on needles and the needle jet, but from my experience with motorcycles you have the pilot, needle and main jets, for idle->mid, mid->full and full throttle. So if this is a fueling issue rather than air, I would have gone to the full-throttle circuit governed by the main jet. Do these carburetors just have a needle jet?
  14. Nothing clever about it, but I've found 3M Dual Lock to be a good alternative for those times a mechanical fastener isn't really needed (e.g., gauges, washer reservoir, securing items stored in the boot, etc.).
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