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New Caterham model- The "Super Seven 2000"

Mark IV

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Caterham has introduced the "Super Seven 2000" to the model range. The demise of the Ford 1.6L "Sigma" engine put the 280, 310 and Super Seven 1600 into the realm of past Sevens.


The SS2000 goes into production next Summer. Here is the video trailer: 

We have build slots reserved for the SS2000 and all of the other US available Sevens.

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On 9/21/2022 at 11:04 PM, IamScotticus said:

Is this ths first SV to be offered with clams as standard?

No, the "SS1600" offered sweeps with the SV chassis. On an "SS" the "sweeps" are standard and the cycle fenders are a no-cost option.

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