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Euro Auto Festival - Greenville SC - Saturday October 19, 2024


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Hey Folks,


Got an email today about this event with a short writeup.  They have a website but it is not updated yet to reflect the new event.

This has been a quite good near-annual car show and this year's venue is the best - it's the beautiful golf course next to the Embassy Suites Preserve at Verdae in Greenville.

I thought it would be fun to have a small (or large?) contingent of Se7ens exhibited in a group.

Registration has not started yet.  It should not be too expensive - last time I exhibited (another car) a few years back I think it was $75.

I sent an email to the organizers requesting to know when they will have the website updated and registration open so I can enclose a link in this thread.

In the meantime it would be fun to know who all here might be interested to show their Se7ens, so please chime in.  I plan on bringing mine.

I will post here anything new I learn.





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Thanks Yoram!  Keep us posted in future years, too.  I'm out of pocket this year, but that would be a great one for a meet up and subsequent drive.

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