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  1. Renottse, Perfect, that is exactly the type of shot I'm searching for. At least in the SV, my shoe size is not really an issue. Wonder how different a standard chassis is, maybe someone will post so we can compare. Thanks again for your assistance. Bill
  2. Croc, Thanks, with my previous cars I ended up in driving shoes and was quite comfortable in a 6 hour+ drives, well, as comfortable as I could be with an original bench seat that is.. With the drop floor not really being an issue, I'm wondering if I could get someone to duplicate the following picture (this would be an ERA 427SC Cobra replica footbox for pedal placement and width comparison)
  3. So with my hunt starting to bring out prospects, and my lack of spare time until June, I got to thinking if my 6' 200lb, size 10.5EEE body is going to still fit in a Caterham. So I got to thinking, I know the dimensions of a typical 427SC (14.2" across, just in front of pedals) and 289FIA Cobra replica (14" same place), I wonder how close the footboxes are in the Caterham, standard floor vs dropped floor, hence the start of this post. Anyone has the dimensions of the footbox where the face of the pedal assembly is on both the standard floor and dropped floors? Thanks in advance fo
  4. Boss 429 powered Pinto 7 or a Cobra replica, who knows, both offer power to weight, both offer flexibility for the street or the track, both fit in the spare space in the garage
  5. After a "7" year hiatus for various reasons, I'm on the hunt for another "7". I've forgotten just how much the thrill of the hunt is.....LHD, RHD, SV, DOHC, Zetec, Duretec, who knows what I'll end up with this time around.....WOOHOO
  6. If I get outbid on the BAT car, we'll talk Bill S.
  7. So, what do we think of detuning the turbo down to say 4-6psi, maybe removing it altogether since I'm suspecting the "oil leaks" may require a drivetrain pull. As a SV, I'm thinking a good platform to play with for this 6' 200lbs 10.5EEE potential buyer
  8. 7am PT, think Croc will sneak in the last post of the old forum :smilielol5: Should we take bets Bill S.
  9. No track ready car at the moment, but I'm game, especially since the track is a scant 131 miles from my home. Now all I need to do is buy something, 7, Cobra replica, or ???? for track use...........Time will tell. Bill S.
  10. New, computer controlled, Porsches, perhaps Vintage Porsches, there is simply nothing simple about an old Porsche and it's upkeep and/or restoration
  11. Simple Machines Less, is more, just saying :seeya:
  12. So, is Croc going to post his "classified market watch" on Saturday instead of Sunday since we are potentially going to be down for a full day. Asking for a friend :rofl:
  13. Good looking car and specs, can't wait to see it. You may want to add the full weather gear, or at least the top for those days where you get caught out 100 miles from home and the weather turns ugly. Bill S.
  14. At this time, the way the 2015 SEMA/NHTSA regulation was written (and passed) engines used must conform to current model-year emissions standards. The EPA has issued guidelines for builders who go down that road. Bill S. PS: In your cars case, you "may" be able to get an exemption to the OBD2 ruling, it will not be easy, you will need an attorney, and lots and lots of patience..Either that, or you will need to dump the aftermarket ECU and install a factory harness with OBD2 port and all associated emissions parts, sorry.
  15. That was a great deal for car, sorry it wasn't me....Just not meant to be right now.....My search will continue.... Bill S.
  16. Posted this on the current BAT auction a few days ago: First time I took my wife for a ride in our first “7”, (found on a 4X6 note card on the bulletin board at Moss Motors in NJ) late 80’s, Kent powered, 2 webers, 4spd, solid axle, mid March in the NE, maybe in the high 40’s, low 50’s, RHD, slab seats, 4 point harnesses. We must have been out for at least an hour and a half. Got home, as we are getting out of the car, all of the stones we had to brush off each other, with smiles on our face, and laughter filling our small one car garage. I can still remember the first words out of
  17. Waiting for a property to close, it's all in the timing, if not this one, there will be others. Only time will tell. Bill
  18. Outbid today while at work, I'll be watching, need to check out todays Q&A, see if anyone has asked about the compression of the motor yet for future reference/consideration. I thought there was a previous thread on the BAT car on the forum, but a quick search did not turn it up. Edit: Found THIS ONE appears to be the same car.
  19. Me too, should have bought it when I had the chance... As for the one on BAT, we will see where it goes, you just never know
  20. I met someone "pre-covid" at Cars & Coffee (Michelin Corp Headquarters off Pelham Rd) with a Holden a year or so ago, was that you? If so, I was the gentleman with the Grabber Orange 69 GT500 fastback. Bill S.
  21. I can assist there as well, as I've owned, built, rebuilt several 5.0L Ford powered Miatas. You want to read of one such adventure where we "found" the Greenville area, click HERE.
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