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Ultralite under construction

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I am rather confident I will never buy anything from HKS again.

I now have $5000 worth of ECM computers that there is no longer the ability to program.

To leave their dealers/tuners/customers high and dry like this is beyond reproach.

I learned... :) and now we all know.... LOL So if you see HKS computers for sale on the forum Buyer beware.. :)

I am really digging the AEM stuff though 1 computer not 3 and cheaper.



I highly suggest megasquirt, especially since you're in texas. To the eat is DIYautotune and Scott Clark visit's texas a lot. He is a megasquirt magician.


Plus megasquirt, I run it on my 4 banger that is also dry sumped and turbo'd. I use it for boost per gear and many other fun features.

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Hey Inis,


Thanks for the info I will check it out.


No problem. Megasquirt has ton's of support too and isn't going away anytime soon.


Check out these sites:





also search google and look at the wiki to see how its evolved. I started off on a basic megasquirt 2 (ms2/extra 3.57 board) and now am on ms3, on same 3.57 main board, with two expansion boards. I also did a carputer

[/url] so I could reduce the amount of gauges I have. I have one UEGO (wideband) sensor per runner pre-turbo. Although I've went pretty extreme with my standalone I still don't have a lot wrapped up into it, including the carputer and wideband setup I have less than 1800 including doing the custom wiring harness with all new plugs on the loom. Possibilities are endless.


If you want to see more I have a full build posted online I can link you and/or post a few pictures here.

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