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  1. Good Morning Shane Wow, I just caught up and saw this. I am so glad to hear you are not going to need surgery. Please keep in mind that my wife is a naturopathic Doctor. ( I call her a witch doctor... LOL) She has some pretty amazing ways of healing bones and tissue. If you are open to this please PM me. We would be happy to help in any way we can, from arnica to comfrey. Here is to a WOT recovery. Salute.... Cheers Kevin
  2. That is basically the story I was told. You version seems to be a little more accurate.
  3. WOW.... I thought I got around.... How do you deal with the jet lag? And how do you ever know what time it is? LOL It sounds like I might have a better chance stumbling across you some where on the road than in NYC.... I will let you know when I am in your area. Was kind of considering doing a 24 Hours of Lemons in NJ https://www.24hoursoflemons.com/events-results/article/146-the-real-hoopties-of-new-jersey in May. I will let you know if we do. Cheers. I will drink a good stout aussie drink for you.
  4. Croc, Bingo you are correct. The Business is called F1 Modeling. We will be in town till Tuesday morning. Doing a trade show this weekend at the Convention center. I will be free after 6pm. I would love to meet up and see your car(s) Maybe tell some tall tails and have a cocktail if you have the time. Cheers Kevin
  5. Scannon: He said it was just an exhaust cover.
  6. From what the owner said, Some from Holden wanted one but he was to tall. So he had the engineers at Holden redesign the car so he could fit, Then he bought the company.
  7. Hey Guys I came across this today in Melbourne Austraila. It comes with a Gen3 5.7L v8. From what I was able to gather from the owner there are only 25 in existence. Fit and finish is fantastic. I am supposed to go by tomorrow for a ride.
  8. That is sweet. Looks like you have really spent some time to do it Very right. Mega Squirt has come Along way.
  9. Hey Inis, Thanks for the info I will check it out.
  10. LOL.. That's funny.. I must say trying to squeeze 2 fuel tanks, 3 fuel filters and 2 fuel pumps in to this little car was a bit challenging.
  11. How long ago was it taken out? Road Atlanta I probably my favorite track. I am sure you saw plenty of action in 20 years. 10a and 10b have their fair share because of the drag strip before them, real test of braking power and balls. 11 seems to have plenty because of handling and balls.
  12. Allot of factors to consider at this point on the track. I agree that the Porsche was pushing his adhesion limits, he was way out on the rumbles which shake up the suspension and reduce traction, comes back on to the track the tires bite and push him to the right at the very point the car is unloaded and the lightest point on the track. If you get this part of the track wrong you will play hell to catch up and get it sorted out before you hit the wall at the bottom of the hill. You pretty much pick out a point on the bridge and drive towards that, you really can't see where you are going to l
  13. Here is what a 180 gallon per hour at 80 psi pump looks like ..
  14. JoTech Is my buddy Kenny Tran who I took it to and has done all my tuning. As of 3 months ago they were still dead in the water with HKS Spoke to Forged, 6 months ago they were dead in the water also. They are 60 miles from me. Called again today. They have found a hack for the HKS dongle. He says best to dump it and go with the AEM. You get rid of a host of problems and it will save you dyno and tuning time. May let them give the HKS a shot. Thanks Toyotus.
  15. I have gone to 4 different tuners and all of them are giving me the same story, that their dongle keys are no longer working. I have not checked in the last 3 months. Maybe it has changed.
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