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  1. Sad to say mine has been parked for 5yrs while I put 2 kids through college. Last one graduated Jan2021 and is just now starting to work due to Covid. Soooo, hopefully get the hiem-joints replaced, flush the gas tank, new tires, battery, and hope for the best soon.
  2. I don't think any of the WCMs run sway bars.... Loren (WestTexas...) raced a lot and I think it came down to spring rates and shock adjustments.
  3. Looks very nice and well sorted! Good luck with the sale.
  4. Hi, Loren did a lot of racing with his cars and gave me spring recommendations of 450-550f/250-275r. Loren said he liked his car on the stiff side and had 550/275. I have 450/250 and think it's pretty good for road/canyons.
  5. Not a Caterham, but RNR bought Mighty Mike's V8 SuperStalker…. probably one of, if not, the nicest ones you'll ever find. He's up in the Bay Area. It would make for a nice review.
  6. Two words - air conditioning. Getting too old for the heat and sun myself
  7. Yeah, seeing how this is the last year for U.S. I can see some exclusivity. Glad you're loving it.
  8. Thanks Bruce! How's the 4C working out? Curious how you'd compare it to the Exige you had.
  9. Mondo

    Back in a Seven

    Glad to see you back in a 7 Rahul. Nice upgrade, don't think you could do better then Mike's car. You never were afraid of taking long rides in a 7.... do think you like to suffer a bit;)
  10. I got a clicking sound in mine when turning sharply... Good to know, thanks
  11. From you last 2 builds, seems that's where your passion lies (building/tinkering). If you ever find something that interests you and it includes a top and A/C I'll definitely be watching.... and saving money to buy it when your done enjoying it. Heck, I really like watching anything you build. Look forward to you next project.
  12. Every time I think you can't improve on it.... looks great!
  13. Contact "WestTexasS2k" and talk to Loren. He actually has, or had, a one-piece header with a better flange for exhaust.
  14. Some come with tops. I have a top but never put it on... too hot here. Looking to make a half hood just for shade. Pics are not my car. No matter what 7 your looking at, you'll need to be a contortionist to get in/out of one with a top on. You need to see how small these cars are (even though the S2K is one of the larger ones). My babies
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