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  1. Thanks in advance to our hosts as well as to all who are participating in order to make this event possible. Between the cars, the camaraderie, the track time and the colorful cast of characters, it makes the Se7ens event one of the things I really look forward to each year. See ya Saturday eve!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Will check grounds. Also noticed some loose wires from the factory near right rear of fuel tank, so perhaps fuel sender was not connected.
  3. My recently "finished" (never really done, is it?) 360R SV runs great the couple of times I've fired it up and driven around the block. Oddly, water temp & oil pressure gauges function fine. The tach only rises to about 1k RPM (it does move, but that's it). The Speedo doesn't move, though I have not yet tried a new sensor or the extra grounding wire. Anyone else have this experience or any suggestions?
  4. After a street ride in Seb's R400, as well as track rides generously offered by Mike, Tom and Simon, I was reminded of the go kart I built when I was 10, but for extra horsepower. Caterham tells me my SV 360R's parts will be gathered in late March, so the build will begin sometime after that. Look forward to joining the gathering this summer, despite the fact that the Cat's not likely going to be complete by then.
  5. Thanks for the comments so far, guys. I particularly like the one about the Roman numerals. I figured S3/S5 or SIII/SV. But like Taber, I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed. Next time I'll take Tom's suggestion and just refer to the wide chassis as the Sumo Version or the Fat Bastard, both of which seem endearing. Good to know you guys enjoy a good chuckle. I will aim to make it to the NJMotorsports Park event. Again, thank you for the responses.
  6. Hi Folks. New to the forum here. I am looking to order a Caterham kit to build, and would like to sit in an S3 and an S5 to compare. Anyone within an hour or 2 from Westchester, NY willing and able to let me sit in his/her Seven (either chassis)? Thanks!
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