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  1. Looks like this weekend is not happening so I'm not gonna super rush the family out of the beach very very early Sunday. We'll lazily brunch then drive on to the upstate. I'll catch y'all on the next cruise, for sure. Also looks like that state cashed my check so perhaps they're mailing me a license plate. ĀÆ\_(惄)_/ĀÆ
  2. Realistically, even if I can get these people in gear early Sunday AM, best I can do is ready to roll around 1 pm from Greenville. I'm interested but know that might be a late start for folks. If folks run earlier I'd be interested in knowing where the end rally point is, maybe at least join for a coffee.
  3. LoL I love my paint. 2958D7B3-82BC-41C6-BF62-15DE62238D25.mov
  4. Dangit I'm in HH next week and weekend! (And Iā€™m mayyyybe taking the 7). If y'all talking Sunday maybe I can scoot back Saturday.
  5. Let's do this. Some great roads up this way.
  6. Teeny update: Drivetrain in: https://youtube.com/shorts/aZgqifMvlvU?feature=share All 4 wheels on the ground: https://youtube.com/shorts/ngamP7FeulU?feature=share Shakedown run: https://youtube.com/shorts/6rEX8BMCxxc?feature=share Stay tuned šŸ˜œšŸ˜˜šŸ˜ˆ
  7. And y'all saw it first. Before even Instagram. Cause I love y'all.
  8. Back off, vultures. Me and Lee, and my man Joel busted some knuckles today. She'll breathe fire... Soon.
  9. Shoot. My wife's attorneys wanna have a zoom call. If y'all don't hear from me in 3 days, send help. And retainer fees. LoL
  10. A sensual, brutal, gleaming seamless machine. Painted like my favorite strippers toenails. LoL
  11. Addendum to today's Captains Log: Stacked rolly rubbery thingies, various sizes.
  12. Captains Log stardate 2/21: Busy day today. Removed nose breathy thingy and floppy vented spaghetti strainer thingy in preparation for Flux Capacitor installation. End log.
  13. Those bastards LoL! Jk. That's the press 620S. Pretty sure that was the only other 7 painted Viola Parsifae until mine. Fun fact, I watched George's video over and over and that pulled me from my original color selection to the Viola (at considerable expense). Well worth it, in my eyes. Link to George's Viola Caterham dilemma
  14. This coming week I have some expertise flying in from afar and there will be progress. Beaucoup progress. I'm laying in a supply of tea and scones for my help. Thankful to have the assist. šŸ˜ˆšŸ˜œšŸ¤« RPReplay_Final1676809570.mov
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