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  1. Yeah here's the thing. Factory has only painted 2 this color thus far. Press car in England and mine (US bound eventually maybe perhaps). Here's the other thing:. I'm never, ever gonna roll up to a stoplight in the same exact car as anyone. Ever. Maybe my mommy didn't hug me enough lol. Plus I love the color.
  2. Thanks @Croc. Bruce has been pretty great thru this whole (incredibly murky and messy) process. I guess one shouldn't expect German precision when ordering a car (Jeremy Clarkson voice) "built in a shed in Kent". I'm anxious to get this car. Even by pandemic Caterham standards, it's been a verrrrry long process. (Wifey says we're not doing this again, says next time I want a fast car I'll just point to a color and get a new 911 out of a vending machine rather than her having to live with me thru this again). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. Lol thanks. Santa gonna be pretty good to me this year. Let's be honest, I'm Santa and I am pretty good to me every year! (And to everyone else!)
  4. Wow. Wow. That's pretty good time on the water. You must me AMPED! Hell I'm AMPED for you. Lol
  5. And it will be going to the port of Charleston, then quickly to a flat bed owned by a buddy.
  6. @JohnCh that's great news for you! I'm excited to hear it's two weeks on the water. I was under the impression it would be a good deal longer.
  7. Update: (likely the last one till I see the car in person) I *think* my car is kinda done. I *think* it's maybe making it's way to shipping out of England. I *know* I only think these things. I *know* none of this for sure. Very happy with how it looks in photos. Be happier when it's under my butt. Until then, here ya go. @UglyFast everywhere
  8. Lil different tho. I'd talk to a reputable broker once you're ready ready. UK configurator fun to play with, but there are options not on the menu, vis a vis cars, chassis, etc. And it's not a straight conversion pounds to dollars based on googling on a given day. You also buy the intangibles. The expertise and feedback during the optioning process offered by your broker, their import and transport expertise and other things. Bruce Beachman at Beachman Racing has been incredible. Incredible. I also kinda know Josh at Rocky Mountain Caterham and he's a great guy, and though I've never bought thru him (yet) his customers speak very highly of him as well. His family have been involved in 7's a long time. Although I'm on the east coast, for all of the above reasons, I am using Beachman on the west coast. I suppose you could try and import a CKD on your own, but I don't think Caterham Cars will sell a kit outside of their dealer network outside of the EU. I could be wrong. For reference, my guy. He'll never say this, but he's great and he's race car famous. http://www.beachmanracing.com Having said all that, if you wanna save money and a LOT of time and just wanna get in a car, you can wait a bit and usually a good one will pop up here for sale. Could always do that WHILE you wait for your factory CKD. You can always get your money back out of a good 7 is what I'm told. That's what I should've done. Live and learn. @Alex-Ks1
  9. I forgot to mention, these cars are so light already, every ounce of carbon you add to lighten then further basically adds a grand lol. Jk. But not really.
  10. Lol no idea. Lot of factors. What model, what options, shipping, exchange rate. I think between about $50-70k is a safe bet. Others can please chime in. My car, factory built add a lil, CSR model add a bit, sequential add a bit, paint and other tidbits, add a bit, etc. But if my wife or her lawyers ask, my car was $12,995 plus tax out the door lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. @Alex-Ks1 Lol not sure how ready to roll it is at the moment, as I'm barely clinging to the hope that I'll see it in my natural lifetime. But yeah, CSRs are factory built, and when it gets to me it will be a complete roller, waiting for engine and transmission (which'll arrive with the roller).
  12. Instagram link Update to the updated update: Reskinned. Repainted. Resplendent. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChpxthbJiMY/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  13. If I ever get a car from Caterham, I'll be all over the BRP... I might come anyway, in a loping old Toyota lol.
  14. Update without saying much: My car has returned from being re-skinned and is headed to paint (again) and final assembly (again). All I can do is lol. I'll be very happy to have my lil machine. Eventually. Ish. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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