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  1. Hey @Road Ready. Not a 7 owner yet but have ordered and my build slot is week 17, 2022. I'm just over the state line (South) and am in Asheville A LOT. We'll be in touch. I'm busting waiting for this lil car. I'm thinking after drivetrain installation, registration and such we will be up and running say late summer 2021. Here's hoping, anyway. If you're on Instagram, I'm @UglyFast there as well.
  2. Cheers to that last sentence, as that's all that really matters...
  3. @birkinsuper7 I'm not crying, YOU'RE CRYING! (Internet joke). But seriously a nice tale of what sounds like a good life and nice, winding mountain road rides. And honestly made me a bit weepy. My son (13) and I we're playing Forza on Xbox last night, something we haven't done in more than 2 years. We opened our "car library" from a few years ago. In it were two 7's we "built" and he remarked "daddy we should use Forza to figure out the paint job on OUR 7" and it struck me that mostly all I do nowadays is to try and seem cool to him in the hopes he'll both have and BE a bit of me after I'm go
  4. Amen. Ayyyyymen lol! When I ordered, my wife LOLed and said "another selfish 2 seater car". I told the her my dog and I fit in it perfectly, who else do I need? She replied "your divorce attorney!" (She's a pretty quick wit!)
  5. Gavin, very, very cool lil 7. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but no way will 5 kids fit in a Caterham lol!
  6. Lol the only thing stock on my BMW is the block and the body. I'm close to CMP, but only a bit farther (and a straight shot) to Road Atlanta. Supercharged Exige sounds like a rocket lol. I'll find them (iF i EveR gET tHIs cAR lol). (I mean it's only been about a week but I'm clearly champing at the bit)
  7. Yeah Croc, a billion pics on IG. I love that car. I hate to even say it out loud but I think I'm gonna sell it. I never tracked it (as planned) and I feel guilty as I walk past it and choose to run about in the 40, EVERY SINGLE TIME. I know y'all know what I mean when I say I feel guilty cause the car wants to be driven... But me, the kid, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my dog all prefer the crusty Land Cruiser lol. Volume up for that video, unless you're in church. Then it's volume WAY UP! FullSizeRender.mov
  8. Hi John. It *was* a 32/38. It's *now* a 38/38. World of difference in the mid range, lil extra oopmh on take off. Build thread coming up. Just need my fancy drop shipment British box(es) of car! My stupid BMW and stupider Land Cruiser are known as @uglybmw and @uglytoyota, respectively.
  9. Hey y'all. J here. Just ordered a '22 420R SV via Bruce@BeachmanRacing. Very good experience so far. Bruce knows his stuff. I should be bombing around some mountain curves by late spring 2022. Catch me if you can lol. Prolly gonna IG/Twitter this thing @uglyfast, of that's a thing y'all care about. We shall see. Very, very amped to finally get a 7. Should have done it a decade ago. Truly. Also kinda seeking a nice FJ60 or 62. Need a family hauler with some flavor. At any rate, nice to "meet" y'all all, and I look forward to learnin
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