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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all you southern folk from the Great White North:)
  2. The shifter is at the rear of the transmission, I used a modified (shortened) S10 shifter on mine with a shifter boot that covered the hole between the lower dash and tunnel.
  3. The bell housing is from a 2.2L 4cyl. S10. The brackets for the alternator can be purchased from Brunton.
  4. Z3 Stalker

    get together

    I will not be back into town till the 30th, so will be good to go that weekend:)
  5. Z3 Stalker

    get together

    Shane, Nothing wrong with the Stalker. I always put it up on block for the winter and take the tyres off as they are not supposed to see temps below -5C (25F). I am also going to install a custom baffled low profile oil pan. Stewart
  6. Z3 Stalker

    get together

    Mine is in bits also. Still up on block without wheels. It's hard to take it without wheels LOL!!! Stewart
  7. Z3 Stalker

    get together

    How about Saturday Apr. 18/15
  8. Z3 Stalker

    get together

    Bill, I am good most weekends, north or south works for me.
  9. So my Super Stalker is Supercharged and backed up by a Turbo????
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to all our southern brethren.
  11. Duane, As she is in the passenger seat all I can assume is that she want to go for a ride:)
  12. Z3 Stalker

    get together

    All being well I should be able to make it. Stewart
  13. We had our Thanksgiving Dinner last night. Hope everyone enjoys theirs as mush as I did mine:)
  14. Z3 Stalker

    Bike carbs

    Steve, Looking good, shame that there is not much driving time left with good weather:(
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