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  1. Dan, I’ve been getting on this forum daily to see your progress. I appreciate your knowledge and attention to the details. As soon as it’s road ready, all the pain in the ass problem’s will fade.. Thanks for sharing your build…. Enjoy.. Steve
  2. Nice S1, when it gets cool I put on the doors and slide up the windows. Happy to assist if you need any info or advice.. Enjoy🍻
  3. Hi John, You have Taylor Race Engineering in Texas. If their still in business, they are gearbox specialists…
  4. That’s a question that would make me call the manufacturer down in Florida . I think they would give the best engineering advice. Good Luck
  5. May I recommend you find a manual. I went out in the garage and found some info out of an older Burton catalog….
  6. RG, I’m glad a phone call was all it took for you to show up to Cars &Coffee this pass Saturday. Your Seven looks great now , DON’T take it apart…😂😂😂😂
  7. In the early 80’s, a friend had a D13 in pieces. I asked if I could put it back together and Auto-X it. He said sure, I Jammed my 6 foot self in it and drove it for years…. And then I was hooked..😂
  8. Single page write up from Dennis Ortenburger’s excellent book…
  9. Starting to look more like a satellite with all of Bruce’s nice wiring. Radium tanks are also used on TransAm cars and alike. I like the billet look . Hopefully it will come back East soon, I’ll be down to inspect..😂😂
  10. Posting this to make Mike( KitCat) feel better.. 😂 Total stocker running WebCon FI.
  11. Appreciate your good taste in cam covers, I always like the BDA style. And the Sadve is a excellent bit also.. Enjoy…🍺
  12. Happy to see all the photos, and the weather is perfect for this kind of fun. Enjoy and don’t forget those latches…
  13. Carl and Mike, I’m not sure what I exchanged with Mike, but this is what I thought may help. My S1 has the standard Zetec flywheel,( wish I installed a lightweight one), a Ford Motorsports clutch and disc. At the time I thought that would work fine with it’s almighty 139.3rear wheel HP and curb weight of little over #1400. I’ll attach information another S1 owner decided to use…. Hope to see you at NJMP.
  14. Thanks John, We had a tornado less than a mile from our house. Thankfully our house was spared, our local Police station, High School and surrounding houses and businesses were not as lucky. We also 3 or more inches of rain per hour for a few hours… Hopefully our other 7 friends are ok…
  15. I just did a search and found every size you can think of for a SVT engine… FocalJet, Summit and Jegs….. what size are you looking for…… FocalJet has the super hard ones..
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