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  1. Heater, you have a heater…. Next you’ll be installing heated seats… 😂
  2. Sorry I’m late to the game. In the pictures you’ll see the pin that screws into the left side of the block that locks the crankshaft in TDC . Second the flat tool that locks the back of the camshafts. Most importantly, the Shop manual that explains the whole process really well. I read a few pages of a older Burton catalog. It gave me a better understanding of what needed to be done. As John explained very well, you need to find out the specs on those cams.. And then set them up, I’ve never done that.. the big ugly tool is something I made to lock the new cam wheels in place for torquing the b
  3. Good Morning, I think it’s time to remove the cylinder head. Weak or broken valve spring, cam worn out.. and the list could go on. Rather than make things worse, it’s time for a closer inspection.. Best of Luck..🍺
  4. I put down my Scuba Diving book and started reading this thread. This is much more entertaining. I’ll have to hug my Zetec before I go off to Cars& Coffee tomorrow. What a all star cast in this group...😂
  5. Congratulations, you’ve drank the Horsepower Cool Aid... I feel that if you let the great guys at Quicksilver loose you’ll be happy with the outcome.. enjoy your 7...
  6. jFGW, first thing I would check is the Fuel filters, my S1 has one in the very back near the fuel tank and a micron filter in the engine compartment.. Hope you sort it out..
  7. This is a Caterham Zetec side pipe I installed a few years ago on the S1. I’m out in the garage figuring out the source of the O2 sensor.. The header pipes came from Skips SV. The muffler came from a Canadian Dealer. I fabricated the collector and welded in the O2 bung. Most importantly I made a slip joint . This muffler was off a new R300 I was told.. I paid 225 for it .
  8. This is for a Type 9.I bought 2 from a speedo shop in the States. But I’m not sure if there the same as yours. Can’t find the address yet. If you want this one , no problem.
  9. Bought new from the Dealer in 2003. I haven’t look recently, but it’s pushing 20k now. I’ve done some track days and some long hauls over the years. I have a bad lower back so that slows the driving back a little bit. Not the fastest, but it’s always been reliable. Installed a picture just for fun.
  10. Working on my side, Thanks for the help Croc. Thanks for your hard work John.
  11. I installed a header and muffler from a Caterham SV. I made the transition piece from the collector to the muffler and welded in a bung for the o2 . My original muffler became to loud over the years and this setup works well.enjoy
  12. Hi John, I just spent some time on the phone with Croc about the upgrade and other things. Happy report the Forum is work well for me. Thanks for the good work..
  13. Congrats , really what I wanted in a 7 18 years ago when I went on my hunt. One big problem with those early cars. Me.. enjoy the ride....
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