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  1. Thanks - I'll save this info. My car purchase has been pushed back at least three weeks.
  2. That logo includes the entire Caterham front grille (which I prefer to the Brunton's obstructive new grill, but is the wrong shape and size for a Brunton). So, I would have to remove about half the grill while paying more than twice as much. Still, a viable last-ditch option, and I thank you sincerely for presenting it.
  3. Just rcvd a text with your phone number - will call tomorrow the 21st - thanks!
  4. Has anyone been able to contact the seller of the silver 2008 Caterham R400 in Croc's Incredible Seven Shopping List? I've sent messages, as has my wife, but no response. I've looked up the business name referenced in the ad, but can't find any information on the web.
  5. Anyone know where I can purchase a traditional Super Seven front grill emblem? These are typically laser-cut steel (preferably stainless), and feature the outline of a large "7" measuring about 7.5" tall and about 8" wide. The digit is surrounded by a halo of steel, as in the image below. Let me know if you have access to supply. Thanks!
  6. Anyone know where I can purchase a traditional Super Seven front grill emblem? These are typically laser-cut steel (preferably stainless), and feature the outline of a large "7" measuring about 7.5" tall and about 8" wide. The digit is surrounded by a halo of steel, as in the image below. Let me know if you have access to supply. Thanks!
  7. Not my cup of tea. Not Earl Grey. Not even Lipton. Reminds me of the Panoz aluminum-intensive roadster, only smaller and less pretty. I suppose you could buy it with the intention of performing rhinoplasty. You would end up with a sophisticated, obese Caterham. To me, that is mission failure for a Super Seven, which is supposed to provide light-as-possible, nerve-titillating, in-your-face performance. The Dare looks more like a pretender - a boulevardier rather than a track weapon - a car in search of character and possibly a really good stereo system.
  8. The Dare is already posted - check the "New" listings, up near the top.
  9. I MEANT TO QUOTE CROC: "Great video and glad you had a great experience first time out on track with the 620R. Love the circuit - a safer version of the Nurburging."
  10. Much like the Nurburgring, indeed, except for miles of safe, flat runoff. no monster pine trees (or ANY trees, for that matter), a paucity of traffic (especialy those lovely minivans and transits), manageable speeds, and a complete absence of Armco under your elbows. That 620R is a rare and wonderful bird, with similarly iridescent plumage. A terrific purchase, Cemaykan, and a car to keep for life - congratulations! I am also in the market for a road/track car, and recently, my attention has shifted to the Seven imaged below. I am seduced by the same attraction afflicting Kitca
  11. I contacted Marshall-Goodman regarding the Caterham 480 SV. It was sold before it ever hit the showroom floor. A customer was looking for a Caterham, and when one was traded in, management contacted the customer immediately. The customer agreed to the price, and the car was sold. The ads were just a precaution in the event the customer decided against the car.
  12. Remarkable, both the minutiae and the substantial departures that Beachman Racing and yourself have wreaked upon this incredible car. You remind me of Bill Fink, fitting monster LS1's and dozer Tremec trannies into the antiquated engine bays of long door classic Morgans. Bill's installations looked like factory jobs, and, indeed, Bill communicated closely with the factory and shared his improvements. His upgrades led to future changes in the Morgan line, including BMW V8 and Ford V6 motors, greatly strengthened frames and suspension enhancements. Are you communicating with the factory rega
  13. Very kind, Kitcat. Thanks so much. And imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so you are welcome to use my words anywhere.
  14. Thanks for the well-spoken endorsement. And if that 6 liter is successful in sodding the top of my head, my next car will be a Bugatti. In a straight line, and up to 100 or so, the Lola can't be much quicker than many Stalkers. The mid-rear engine configuration will improve traction, just as it has with the C8 'Vette, but many Stalkers are rolling around with cubes and power to match (even exceed) Can-Am cars of the sixties. Most Bruntons weigh a few hundred pounds less than my Lola, which is heavier than stock (works T70's and Bruntons are about equal in weight at around 1,800
  15. Croc (my wife often calls me by your nom de plume, with a couple added words referencing a jar or vessel full of expletive deleted): I continue to maintain the "WCM & Other Super Seven Repair & Update Manual". I have done so reflexively, always believing the next Super Seven is around the corner. But I am now contemplating a radical turn (not Radical). One of my hundreds of searches turned up a Lola T70 Spyder Mk I continuation. It has a similar triangulated steel space frame, assembled with aluminum panels into a monocoque like the original, but connected with screws plus modern
  16. Ok, wise guy! Thanks for the info. Enjoy your Superlight. Did you ever install the Quaiffe sequential trans???
  17. Work can be done. Was the car sold? Is there contact info? Thanks!
  18. I searched for this car. Found a 2018 listing for a Caterham R500 with Quaiffe 6-speed sequential shifter AND a spare 5-speed convential stick, on the California Sevens site, for the ludicrous price of $25,000. There were several inquiries, but no responses. I don't think this was ever a serious ad. If someone is selling an R500 at any fair price, please advise. I am looking to purchase a Caterham with similar specs.
  19. Is this car sold? I offered my email in an earlier reply, but never received any photos or answers to my questions. I am 100% a serious buyer, and would pay cash.
  20. I apologize to everyone who was trying to help me. Unlike Croc's "Cars for Sale", I was not regularly following this thread. None of the answers were addressed to me, so I was not notified and failed to respond. All caught up now. Thanks, Kitcat Mark IV Croc and others. I have opened Croc's attached USA dealer list hotlink and will make inquiries. Mark IV: Are you Kampena, Rocky Mountain or Time Machines? I'll call you first.
  21. Agreed. I haven't tried that trick, because I'm aware of the consequences. I am looking at a JPE Cat in England - that qualifies for import now. However, I believe the final price will be too high. Further, that Vauxhall 2 liter, though a great performer, poses problems, much like a BD series Cosworth motor - few qualified rebuilders, high parts prices, incessant delays for everything, rapid cost escalation. Still, thanks for your concern.
  22. Hi, Astro Bob. Sorry I did not get back to you earlier, but I did not receive timely notice of your post, and just observed it now. Happy belated holidays to you and the wife, as well. I noted with interest your reference to Mark IV and Bruce B in Washington State. Are they Caterham dealers? If so, I would like to communicate with them - do you have contact info for them? You could provide it here or in a PM. My wife is like yours regarding driving trips. I can occasionally coax her into the passenger seat, but mostly for Alfa or Porsche club events - the social angle is an ef
  23. Fantastic work, Croc, and a completely gorgeous car. I apologize - I would not have PM'd you for info if I had known about this thread. Your detailed explications have provided me with additional choices for my forthcoming Seven - thanks for that. I simply cannot make this ANOTHER multi-year project, so a Cat that I can upgrade to 2.5 liters or a stock 620R are now my primary choices. Best of luck with this trailblazing venture - to be able to accurately state that your (anything) is among the (any ultimate quality) in the world is an amazing accomplishment in 2021. This is a Caterham to
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