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  1. MARIO HERE Sorry I missed this year's NJMP event Hope to see you next year great pix thx Mario L Parker Stalker Classic Longboat Key FL 734 368 6059
  2. Thanks everyone. A bunch were sold last week. Would love to sell the remainder to some young entrepreneur. If such person wants to continue making parts I will connect them to my supply source. Thx Mario
  3. ALL 2020 has become a year of reflection for many of us. Ellen and I are now in our early Seventies and decided that 2020 is a good year to downshift to become more fully "RETIRED". As a result we have sold our largest web business but now wish to sell other minor business assets like our remaining S7 grill emblem inventory. SHORTY up to 13 6.6" WIDE BY 6.1" TALL MAX AERO up to 15 9.0" WIDE BY 8.5" TALL FULL up to 11 9.0" WIDE BY 8.5" TALL TOTAL 39 EMBLEMS All purchases of more than 4 of an
  4. how do i create two ads in this section? one is for a stalker xl with one of a kind 1957 maserati 250F tribute body; one is real 1962 Lotus S7 Series 2 1498cc Cosworth RHD race car.........please advise......4MARIO

  5. GUYS still interested in market forecast question below Scott Minehart clearly intends a US made lightweight kit that is: A) lower cost than Westfield and others B) FOB clearwater Florida what are your opinions of market size for low cost US made lightweight kit that is set up for miata donor parts? 5 per year? 50 per year? more or less? Mario Brunton Stalker #142 LS1 V8 Brunton Classic
  6. All in a recent visit to the new Brunton Stalker location in Clearwater Florida I had a chance to see Scott Minehart's newest project the concept is a US made Stalker lightweight similar to the previous stalkers but using smaller gage frame tubes, lighter suspension & donor Miata running gear Scott believes there is a market for an inexpensive lightweight seven type car his concept of a price point kit and a donor Miata makes good sense to me how do the other forum members opine? thx Mario LS1 powered Brunton Stalker #142
  7. All- Hooked on Driving FL still has a few spots left in this 4 day/4 track/4 cities event. The 4 tracks are Miami Homestead, Palm Beach International, Daytona, Sebring. Each track day gives 4 half hour sessions per group. The package deal includes food and hotels. Modeled after the one lap of America, the event looks to be a blend of party, fellowship and track time. I'm going with three other Sarasota area cars but I'm the only seven car so far. Care to join? Info @ hooked on driving website.MarioStalker #142
  8. Shane Thanks for posting the Barber You Tubes and thanks for your kind words Here's more info for those who want to know more about Barber or stalker #142 Since NJMP last year: ALL Here are two short videos from my weekend at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham Alabama Mar 28/29 The track is very challenging, very technical, and super well cared for. The grounds are a park-like setting with beautiful landscaping, sculptures and the home of Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. The Museum houses 750 motorcycles and many Lotus and other race cars (including Dickie Smot
  9. ALL Shane is back home (almost) He's in a Little Rock Hospital closer to home & family than Texas. Well wishes, good thoughts & prayers are working. Good progress buddy Mario
  10. Shane I tried putting up a quick reply last night (didn't see it in the thread) about yesterday's conversations with you and Robin. Although I don't see it in this thread, looks like everyone knows the core message.......that you have a positive outlook on a speedy and thorough recovery. My request was for other seven buddies to keep the humor, well wishes and prayers headed your way. By now you have seen plenty of responses here on USA7s and the Stalker forum. Glad to see that you are back at the keyboard. No surprise that your fan club is large, encouraging and ready to help you a
  11. All Shane & I have previously discussed the notion of Barber MSP on our list for 2015 CY venues. To the extent that other Seven's are interested in a Barber gathering similar to last July at NJMP that would be great! We just returned from a cold & wet Chin event at COTA in Austin. Choosing a date that should have good weather (not too hot) would be preferrred. It was my first event running with Chin vs other HPDE options. I thought that they ran a well organized event. Mario Stalker #142
  12. All Here are two short you tube clips from NJMP & Watkins Glen The round trip was 3000+ miles from LBK. Very worthwhile and memorable in so many ways. Part One- NJMP event was 7/4 & 5 with fellow S7 type cars. NJMP is a motor racing country club that is a superb track & facility. Frosting on the cake was the exceptional hospitality of our hosts, Mike, Tom & Don. I was happy to have crew helper Steve Mack and to be in the paddock next to fellow Stalker owner Shane & his Dad. Mostly damp first day and sunny second day. This clip is started by all the seven t
  13. Shane Thanks for posting for JImmy What an amazing journey & story Mario
  14. I'm bringing 10 sets of my "Max Aero" S7 kits to the July 4/5 NJMP event for anyone wishing to save the shipping & handling 4MARIO mlparker27@aol.com
  15. Any news on next steps in the process? Please advise. Thx Mario Stalker V8 #142
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