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  1. Joe I'm so sorry, met you on saturday and the car was beautiful. It'll turn up somewhere, not like you can easily hide one of these.
  2. Hey guys so I've been working on this little side project for the last year in my spare time. Basically I'm designing some automotive inspired clothing and gear, with the hope supplimenting my track day expenses. The first designs I put up are 7 inspired with more to come down the road if there's any demand. Currently selling in the US and Canada only. Take a look and let me know what you think. Website is https://allthingsspeed.com
  3. Yeah the chassis by far is the cheapest and easiest thing to build. Only took about 3 weeks to build my haynes roadster chassis. If you use plans based on a specific donor you can cut out a lot of the guess work.
  4. http://i125.photobucket.com/albums/p74/xcritic/IMG_0698_zpsfeoqom51.jpg I switch between iracing and project cars.
  5. If its pulley driven then yes. The thermostat opens and changes the flow direction through the motor instead of around it. As for the alternator your hitting 14v so it generating.
  6. My initial thought from looking at this is that the battery and o2 are a result of the issue and not the cause. The engine hits 60 degrees and it does its stalling thing, alternator starts making less power as the cylinders shut off and theres a bunch of fuel being dumped into the system. Maybe disconnect the O2 and see what happens, just to try and eliminate it from the equation.
  7. I follow that same reasoning So if it was me I would confirm that I don't have a rag or something stuck in the intake manifold partially blocking air to one of the cylinders. This could explain a potential shutdown under load. I doubt it's the plugs themselves, from my experience they may effect performance, but what your describing sound like there would be visible damage to one or more. I would still confirm each is sparking. Fuel, not sure in the case of the caterham, but my fuel cell has foam inside. I've heard of a number of people with foam blocks in the tank that after th
  8. Yeah fuel pressure would be something to check. Possibly clogged fuel filter. Does it feel like a cylinder is shutting down? The symptoms sound like when i was losing spark due to a lose wire on my ecu. Engine would run rough, unburnt fuel found its way into exhaust cause poping and backfires.
  9. I registered, just hoping the weather is good.
  10. So in an effort to try and take advantage of the low British pound to US dollar conversion rate. I ordered a high level caterham style wind detector from http://aerodynamix.co.uk It arrived today and while I ordered the wider version intended for a westfield, it's just not wide enough for my car. It's about 1-2" to narrow for my scuttle. I could modify it to fit better, but it creates other issues that I would prefer not to have to deal with. It should fit fine on a westfield, book chassis, and possibly on other haynes roadsters, just not with my scuttle from equinox. I paid $220 shipp
  11. It's more likely that caterham listed it as a 1969 on the certificate of origin they sent with the chassis to help make sure the car avoided any modern day vehicle standards. I know someone that built one last year and it was listed as a 1969 on the documents caterham sent him. Anyways I would title it as it was, last thing you want to do is create a issue that could get the car flagged and blocked from registration. The title is just a means of identification for the state, buyer should know better with something like this.
  12. Did some laps with him at the last SCCA tracknight at AMP. Nice guy, car is quick.
  13. Toyo R1R for now, then ill switch to r888. Just need a bit more grip. May also look into wider wheels.
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