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  1. Noticed the listing has been taken down. Has the car sold?
  2. Dan3030

    Won't start

    Wait. You guys have 3 digit horsepower numbers at the wheels...:drool:
  3. So thaaat's what Seb's car looks like without the blur.. :driving:
  4. That picture is an inspiration and I've now promised myself I'll pull myself away from my desk and get there soon, or more specifically bookatrack at Brands Hatch or Spa. Thanks Croc and have fun!
  5. Was this MK Indy already for sale in the past year? It looks very familiar.
  6. Wow this arms race is getting very interesting, very quickly. I sense that anyone under 250 hp is going to need to hide in a bomb shelter. By the way, if anyone lost a blue chair, Michelle and I were the last to leave the paddock/ garage at Tbolt Sunday and there was a chair left behind. We asked around during Sunday dinner, but perhaps whosever it was had already left. PM me if it's yours.
  7. My understanding is that Norm's is an S3, but I could certainly be wrong.
  8. The Orange Westfield is mine Chopd65 and thanks Kitcat… I do try to make the car hustle. Happy to field any questions via PM and; depending on what comes available in 2019, I maaaay be ready and willing to part with the car. I won't find one quite as pretty, but I aim move to something more singularly track centric. More broadly, Michelle and I had a great time this year, as always. I'm happy to call so many of you friends.
  9. :smilielol5::deadhorse::cuss: Not all of us can rely on "straight line handling skills" (Thanks for that one Kitcat) :cooldude:
  10. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=12750&stc=1 Actually, I have no clue whose car this is (the VW), but when the only open spot in front of Rita's water ice was right next to it, I knew it was destiny. Needless to say the combination gathered a few onlookers as you'd expect.
  11. 1st - Awesome picture. 2nd - What mirrors are those and did the aeroscreen come from Carbon-NV? They'll ship to the states?
  12. Dan3030


    I might be, I'm over in Chester county. We might be able to find a back way to Bucks. Dan
  13. Any reason I should not use these? Is the ZZR or other that much improved due to a sidewall tuned for low weight or??? Hoosier SM7 https://philstireservice.com/shop/hoosier-sm7/
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