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  1. I get used towels from a local hotel for polishing. They do a good job, they are big and I throw them away when they get all black.
  2. I had a similar situation with my 1962 S2 Seven, ex-racer with minimal wiring (all in red and black). The good news is that there are very few wires and scant accessories! I searched eBay for a late model MGB harness, stripped it and cleaned all the wires and built my own using the color guide and the above diagram as a guide. Fortunately, my voltage regulator, fuse box and switches were still in their original places, so I had some idea what the end result should look like. My harness is in 2 parts: underdash + forward and rear lights. The rear harnes
  3. I always thought it was more of a marketing ploy than anything else. This was the era of the Humber Super Snipe, Chevrolet Impala Super Sport... Most of these had larger engines and upgraded trim packages. For the 7 it meant a wood-rim steering wheel! :deadhorse:
  4. Are you going to use this with the 3 bolt adapter at the end of the tailhousing (Integral Remote) or the 4 bolt adapter near the front of the tailhousing? My experience is that this one will only work with the 4 bolt adapter setup.
  5. Assuming that you will be racing this, make sure it will be accepted by the organization you want to run with and classified properly. Get all the documentation you can! Good Luck!
  6. Good advice: check the spec but verify to be sure! There are lots of slight differences and interchangeability between Herald/Spitfire/GT6 and over the years owners upgrade for safety and availability, so log serial numbers and measurement to be sure what you have. You may also look back through your records and receipts and see what may have been installed. This also applies to the Ford engine and transmission. If you don't have Dave Bean's "English Ford Racers Catalog" I would highly recommend you find one. It's out of print for years, but they do show up. Great looking car
  7. "Starter Kit" for $100 This was a start of a rollbar for my 7 1 1/2" bar. 1/8" wall, the hoop is 16 3/4" high and 34 1/2" wide (outside to outside). There is also an 8' length for the brace. I can deliver to the Mitty this weekend. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/attachment.php?attachmentid=15276&stc=1 Joe 904-524-9717
  8. My old 7 has the original 2x6 suction cup mounted rear view mirror and it is quite inadequate, especially for a right-hand drive car. I tried a 4 panel wink that is just as wide as the windshield and was not happy. The view was kind of "jagged" and I found the mirror annoying when I had to view a traffic light. Seemed like I was craning my neck to look over or under the mirror! Now I am using a Yamaha golf cart convex mirror and it seems to be working pretty well. I fabricated mounts that use the roof snap studs, so no modification to the windshield frame was needed. Joe
  9. Europa Spares in the UK has a good reproduction latch as well as an assortment of alternatives. If the latch is loose, you can elongate the upper bolt holes, raise the upper clip slightly and the flange will still cover the bolt holes. This will work on the upper part of the latch where the holes are in the bonnet, not so for the lower part which usually goes into the frame bar. If you want to add a strip of insulation, "Scott" makes some really thick (1"x.065") insulation tape. Good luck and measure carefully! Joe
  10. Needless to say, it has been a stressful and exhausting month or so. Let me make a few notes on some of the things that I have learned or at least the way I experienced them. - Dial 911 to call the Police immediately If you see the theft in progress - Do not approach - Set off your car alarm with your clicker - Take pictures with your phone - Stay out of harm's way When the police arrive, have your drivers license and all your license numbers or VINs ready. I did not have the license number for my van and the police would not report that as "Stolen" until I got it
  11. As Gabriel Heatter would say - "There's good news tonight!" My car was recovered in Doraville, Ga, probably within 10 miles of where it was stolen and a suspect arrested. I'll know more once I get up there, but right now hurricane Michael is making it difficult. Thanks to all and I will update as more comes clear. :hurray: Joe
  12. Yes, please feel free to grab anything you see posted here and copy to SimpleSevens. I have Chris T. (Sevens and Elans) and Tom Bungay (Legacy Motorcars) both local and with personal knowledge of my car for valuation/appraisal. Thanks for your help and interest - Joe
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