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  1. A shake-down ride from New Hampshire to Portland OR in February, hmm I'd take a detour thru Key West. I hope the car check out is a GO!
  2. Lookin' good, it should sound good also. Thanks for sharing your progress.
  3. Looks like a SV, a close-up of the badge may help. Enjoy the journey.
  4. There has to be some kind of interesting store for a car this clean and running to be "salvaged". This isn't a diamond in the rough it's fully polished. Enjoy!
  5. There may be an electrical component that is draining the battery. A master power cut-off switch to isolate the battery would help with battery issues.
  6. DR Hasegawa it is always a treat to see your messages. Great photography as usual.
  7. Welcome to the mysteries of hand built cars that are pieced together from various parts bins. As Croc was pointing out loose wire connections especially grounds can be causing intermittent operation. 7s do a lot of vibrating and can loosen connections up, also wires pinched in tight places can also do it. Answer: "Dim, flicker and off" Question: "What are the three switch positions for Lucas lights?"
  8. Good stuff, a Triumph Spitfire as a tow vehicle.
  9. Only reason consider not driving a 7 is that you can't hoist you hinny out of it.
  10. Let's see, no paperwork, no VIN/chassis # listed, it could be dodgy. Has anyone done a 7 ratrod?
  11. Good looking views except the sign with gas prices. Thanks for posting.
  12. I'm wondering if or when Bring a Trailer will step in and pull the S2 auction. They may be in conversation with the seller, but that is not known publicly. It appears to be too dubious to pass the smell test.
  13. Hi Chris, Everyone was new here at one time. At to the oil leak, how would you describe the "puddle". Dime, quarter size, Exxon Valdese? In the classic British car way, they leak. Keep the fluid levels up to full (engine and transmission) until the leaks are address. Good luck.
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