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  1. FWIW recheck the electrical connections involved in the clutch replacement and ground connections.
  2. The bracing on the dash looks to be S3.
  3. That T-stat sounds suspect. They are a low budget item and you should have a choice of operating temperatures.
  4. Did you Bring a Trailer?
  5. A 2000 lbs 7? At least you could get the tires hot.
  6. I've had the cable shield out of place happen and cause excessive revving also. A little bailing wire and tie-wraps so so you can tame that.
  7. The graphics are all wrong on the packaging... I have to use this stuff, my Cat keeps marking its territory.
  8. The Donkervoort D8 GTO should be in a Transformer movie.
  9. In the close-up photo "CATERHAM" can be seen, so it must be all theirs.
  10. It's back! www.atlantabritishcarfayre.com After being canceled for 2020 it is scheduled for Sept. 11, 2021
  11. Was it done before or after marijuana was legalized?
  12. Another FWIW... I don't recall if this issue has been addressed and that is that possibility of vacuum leaks. You can use carb cleaner to hunt with. A spray on an area like intake gaskets etc. and listen for a change in RPM. Happy hunting.
  13. Just an off the wall thought, any thoughts on lubricating the moving parts, shafts and hiem joints?
  14. If the wheel was wacked enough to require replacement, it would be a good ides to check all the front end. Bent arms and cracked welds come to mind.
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