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    sports car guy, owned a Lotus Elan for 5 years , got into Porsches, then saw a 7 4 years ago, now own a 2017 420 S I built myself
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    Carnation, Washington
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    Sports cars, and exotic old tractors
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  1. Thought I should let the group know that this car has been sold, it now resides in Arizona.
  2. New oem black leather seats for an sv chassis only, will not fit a s 3 chassis. I opted for upgraded signature series seats so these are for sale, i posted these for sale last year so thought i would try again. I will sell them with shipping for $950.00, yes i will pay for the shipping, they are boxed and ready for shipment steven @ 425 785 8225 carnation, washington picture of seats will not upload, i wil send picture on request
  3. I have a set, call me @ 4325 785 8225 Seattle area
  4. Based on a recent sale, Just this week, a 2017 SV 360 sold for $60,000 on BAT. It had less than 1000 miles on it but my car is a 420 S Model and has more features than the 360. During the auction the comments were amazingly gracious and knowing how these cars are selling and amazing to drive I opted to raise the price. There are a lot of potential buyers and there are a lot of tire kickers, I will communicate only with anyone who is truly interested in the buy, not just off the cuff questions. So please, if you are a TRUE potential buyer , state that in your reply and I will without questi
  5. Bruce, send me an email and I will send pictures
  6. I am not selling cuz I don't like the car, I wanted a CSR when I ordered this one, now the CSR is available if I can sell my 420 a new CSR will be on the docket
  7. If you want a new 7 and you can't wait, here is your chance to get a virtually new car right now. Options include SV chassis. lowered floors,LS Diff, S pack, fully carpeted interior, Heater, aero fuel filler cap, silver MOMO steering wheel, quick release, 5 speed gear box, front ventilated discs and quad piston calipers, sport suspension, carbon fiber dash, 4 pt harness 15" Orca wheels, also I opted for upgraded signature series burgundy leather seats. Black car with black muted strip, Current mileage is 2,200 miles on the odometer. I bought the car from Bruce Beachman and built the
  8. very nice, it would appear you might be in Arizona? I build my 420 S with all the R components three years ago, love the car but I wanted the CSR, who knows, I live just east of Seattle
  9. skyoung

    New Build

    I built my own 420 S in 2017, I also got the kit from Bruce Beachman, I live in Carnation, where do you live and if you need any help I would love to see your project. ABuilding my own car was a blast , the English build guide was alittle off but I managed , some calls to Bruce, some Emails to England and a loving wife who let me spend time in my shop. That said, I would love to build another one. Give me a call 425 785 8225 Steven
  10. if interested call me @ 425 785 8225 picture on request
  11. I have a NEW pair black leather OEM seats for sale 2017. I upgraded to Signature seats for my black car so they are for sale. They are boxed and ready to ship. Box weighs 52 lbs. Buyer to pay for shipping NOTE, these seats are fitment for SV chassis only, they are to wide for S3 chassis
  12. I have a new set of Black leather seats, I am sure the seats will fit either the S3 or the sv chasis Steve @ 425 785 8225 skyoung@stevenkyoung.com
  13. Hello Everyone, I just completed the build, 420 S and I have upgraded my seats to a different color. So with that said, I have a new pair of black leather seats for sale. I know there has to be someone out there in Caterham world that wants/needs new black leather seats. Contact me directly @ 425 785 8225 or skyoung@stevenkyoung.com. The seats a new, never installed with headrests Steven Young Carnation, Washington
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