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    Have been Racing Formula Cars and Vintage Sports since 1987.
    Recently acquired a 1984 Caterham Sprint as a Road Car.
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    Central Maryland
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    Club Racing, Auto Cross
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    Retired Investigator
  1. I’m in In addition I host a Facebook Page: Caterham and 7 Owners in the USA and Canada. We have a member location Map with a high concentration on the East Coast. We also looking at a get together at the Jefferson 500.
  2. 1st: Welcome Aboard Reading through the thread I agree that "The Feet" might be an issue. I'm a size 8 1/2 [s3 Super 7 Super Sprint RHD] after trying regular shoes I switched to my normal racing shoes but was still uncomfortable. I finally tried an old worn out cheap pair of walmart bedroom slippers, moccasin type and was very comfortable. Went and bought another pair in a smaller size and they are my go to driving shoes now. I'm in Washington County and your welcome to come and try mine on anytime. Another thing I noticed in the thread was that there are quite a few Baltimore [and surroun
  3. Thanks for your reply. a little bit outta my reach.
  4. I've been talking to a couple of your customers/buyers. Wondering which cars are still available and prices ? TIA
  5. When you Guys say “fast”, do you Road Race ? Laps times Greatly differ between doing seat times Vs Racing in a pack. I’ve been Road Racing for almost 30 years in F/A and other Formulas. Bought my Caterham as a grocery getter and Weekend Toy for the Wife and Myself. Just looking for like minded folks.
  6. John: Thank You. As an avid Racer and Daily Driver of my Caterham Super Sprint I’ve come to rely on Vehicle Registry’s as a way to share ideas and information while creating a more defined Regional Area. New to these cars apparently I’m not familiar with all the designations. My original idea was to create a Registry of all “AM Arch Motors Cars. If this acceptable, If you would properly set up the Thread I’ll take the lead in posting. If not, I’ll understand. Respectfully: Scott
  7. I guess you guys don’t have Catermans that would/could be in the Caterham Registry ?
  8. I Race often at NJMSP [F/A & F/C] any excuse to go is Thumbs Up. Where can I find some information about the Event ?
  9. Okay: I was thinking along the lines: Posting your AM Number Year, Model, Engine, Trans and Country and State. If someone wanted to add additional info that would be fine, if brief. The Registey could lead to Regional Get Togethers and or many other things. If the Administrator here would allow a Regisrty Thread, I’d monitor it and if we get 20 or so entries I’d set up a Website
  10. Does anyone know of a Registry for Caterham 7's either USA or Inter National. I ask because if not I'd like to start one for USA Cars.
  11. Hooking on for replies in case you find 2 Thanks
  12. I have an 84 Caterham Sprint. looking for a Top/Boot Frame. TIA
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