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  1. I've reached out to some of you privately. If it falls through, I'll try others. I really appreciate the assistance. I think shoe size might be impactful. I wear a 10.5 or 11, depending on the manufacturer. Either way, the responses have been great.
  2. I live in the Baltimore area but I'm happy to drive to take a seat. I've finally got to the point in my life that I can buy a 7. I've been lusting after them since 2001 when I saw one for the first time at a DC region autocross. My first car was similarly silly, a VW engine powered sandrail. As such, I'm familiar with having f1-esque water spraying you in the face on the highway. My wife is fully supportive and even is pushing me towards placing an order for a new one, including the delay it will take. At least a 7 is less dangerous than my bike? Anyways... I'm ho
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