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  1. I feel you, I said my piece and am done. Don't even know why it was started in the first place.
  2. You pm me, I call you talk to you for 45 minutes, email and text you everything you asked for and ask if you received it twice, but you ghosted me. 4 months later you pop up and low ball me with an offer on ebay which I reject, then you PM me here and tell me that was you and to call you (without even including your number) I tell you I'm not interested in selling for that price, you say "obviously" but "you wanted to negotiate". And I tell you to make a serious offer or ask whatever you need to here. And now you want to come in here and try to act like I've mistreated you somehow
  3. http://www.usa7s.net/vb/showthread.php?12642-2019-Brunton-Stalker-XL-only-55-miles-like-new-50K-OBO&p=112758#post112758 this ones still available just giving it a break from ebay.
  4. Not just higher than the head, also high enough that a line from bar to the dash or other supportive member is higher than your head. (aka where the ground will be if you're upside down) They should also be full aligned with the frame and not hanging half way off.:willy_nilly: :banghead:
  5. Listings have a time limit before ebay wants more money, I'll relist it eventually, probably when I get better pictures.
  6. Apex

    New Build

    Post as much detail as you're willing, people will skim past what they aren't interested in.
  7. I get the idea behind it, but I just think it's stupid since I can go buy a smog bellowing race car from any number of US manufacturers without having to go through any special process. Of course I shouldn't be able to register it either. I just think it's stupid to try to combat that for imports and not the other way, but really they should just leave it be and rely on enforcement during registration like they already do for us cars.
  8. Ah, It seemed like you were saying race cars wouldn't be subject to the red tape. Kind of stupid they still require environmental stuff if they are race only not to be registered.
  9. What was the process like for race cars? I looked into importing a car from canada (bmw) which met US standard and had all the body stickers for the easiest import, but it looked to still be a bit of a pain.
  10. Man, that thing was for sale for ages. Glad it's finally being driven.
  11. Image gallery here Ebay link here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Replica-Kit-Makes-Brunton-Stalker/303509475825 Offering for sale like new stalker XL purchased turn key from stalker speced as follows 525HP LS3 crate engine. T56 magnum 6 speed. CTS-V differential. Weight under 2,000 pounds. Double adjustable shocks, push-rod suspension with full inboard shocks. Twin disc clutch. Willwood pedal assembly, racing dual master cylinder balance bar brakes. APR GT-1000 rear wing GT-250 front wing 6 point Schroth flexi 2x2 belts Cobra Suzuka pro seats
  12. I'm glad you were able to work things out for however you were wronged, it's been months for me and at some point you have to change directions. It's not like I made a thread detailing every bad experience I had and every negative thing I know. You call it "throwing under the bus" I call it following full disclosure law, which I would be a fool not to in a sale that is going to be scrutinized closely by a judge. I'm sorry you seem to think this will negatively impact you, I can understand that frustration. Personally I would never try to compel an aggrieved parties silence for my ow
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