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  1. Yes, but there is another member here that wants them. I’m looking into ways to ship the seats for him. The seats would have been sold several times so far but shipping costs are brutal. So check back is all I can say. Once they are sold I will post that information here.
  2. I Have a pair of Tillett seats from my R400 I wish to sell. Condition is almost new. Driver's seat has adjustable rails. Passenger's seat has fixed mountings. $950/offer for the pair. I have more pictures if required.
  3. This is Awesome! Question, is this an 8 Pin Tach? Thanks!
  4. Greetings Bruce, I have been trying to get ahold of you for a discussion on seats. I've sent emailing including one with my phone number so we can have a chat. If you like please PM me with your phone number and a convenient time to call. Thanks!
  5. The Stand is my own design and build. The body is attached to it using the normal chassis mounting holes. PM me if you want the design drawing
  6. Yes, Thank you that will be fine.
  7. Thanks Croc for the information. Yes my engine has the COP (coil on plug). If you happen to be close to your Caterham I'd be interested in knowing the part number on the back of your tach. Thanks!
  8. Greeting Croc, Here is a picture of the ECU: From a conversation I had with the folks at Caterham this particular ECU was supplied to Caterham from Cosworth when they were getting Duratec engines from Cosworth. Here is a photo of the back of my current Tach: It works, but only at half speed. Caterhams says its because this particular tach is for a 2 coil engine and I need a tach for a 4 coil engine. Unfortunately because of running specification changes at Caterham, they are having difficulty supplying me with the correct part number. So if someone on this forum can supply
  9. I'm having issues with the tach on my Caterham. It won't rev past 1000 RPM. I've contacted Caterham about this issue. According to them the tach I have is for a 2 Coil engine and mine is a 4 Coil engine (210 HP Duratec). The Tach plug is square in shape with 8 Pins. The car also has the Cosworth ECU. Is there a way to get this tach to work with my engine? if not does anyone have a part number of the correct Tach for this setup? Thanks!
  10. Yes, Its my Covin Project (LOL). It should be on the road 2022. If you look close you can see the 5 speed transmission sitting in the front wheel well.
  11. Moses Lake is my location
  12. The Caterham I purchased is very much like the one from BAT. It was the personal car of the Northern California Caterham Distributor. It was his vision of an R400. It needs a few things done, but it is fun to drive!
  13. Looking for Seats to Fit S3 Chassis. Let me know what you got. Thanks!
  14. Interested if still available
  15. Greetings, Max Here! Just wanted to say HI and I was wondering if there are any other Lotus 7 type owners in Eastern Washington?
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