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  1. Congrats on picking up the car! I’m not much help on the electrical issues, but wanted to wish you a fun and safe trip! Not sure how far West you plan to travel but would love to meet up if you make it out to Los Angeles.
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome. I was able to contact the daughter/co-driver of the car based on the SCCA stickers on the car. She confirmed that they are the original owners and the same gentleman that built the car for them has been maintaining it over the years. It was registered for street use in California properly as a 07 Caterham with BAR exemption under SB-100 so it is smog exempt here but they very rarely drove it on the road, it was mostly trailered to/from Qualcomm Stadium where they ran it in SCCA autocross. Unfortunately her father is not well and they are getting rid of some of t
  3. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 2007 Caterham CSR 260 from original owner with 1,800 miles and Cosworth Duratec 2.3l engine. Looking forward to getting to learn more about the car from you all. I’m already very grateful for Mike “Croc” posting the link to the for sale ad and being so generous with his time and knowledge coaching me on what to look out for during the pre-purchase inspection. I’ve now had a chance to drive it some and am being impressed by the overall performance and comfort of the car compared to other 7 type cars I’ve driven.
  4. Mike, pm sent, hopefully goes through now. Thanks!
  5. Will be interested to hear how it feels sans rear sway bar.
  6. Beautiful job, enjoy your first 7!
  7. Mike “Croc”, Thanks for the informative post as always! How can I get in touch with you regarding some of the things to look into on the CSR? Regards, Jeff
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