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  1. That and the front license plate!
  2. I have Birkin with 1998 Zetec with OEM ECU and only one upstream O2 sensor and it runs very well once warm. Likely the cause of the poor cold idle it is missing idle air control valve as I believe was removed to accommodate aftermarket intake. The second O2 sensor is there for system monitoring not engine control. Keep in mind the OEM fuel system /ECU are designed to run with a catalyst so they are designed to run a little rich for catalyst to function as there can't be any excess O2 in the exhaust stream. If you don't have a catalyst it will smell rich.
  3. Looks great. Is the car registered in Massachusetts? If so I didn't think that would pass inspection.
  4. I would be very interested in attending as I am only 40 minutes away.
  5. I am in Needham which is eastern MA. I did travel to test drive it and found power to be excellent yet very drivable. BTW the car has 6800 miles not 60k. Looking forward to the spring when I can drive it. Glad to Seven owner.
  6. I am happy to say I am the new owner of this Birkin as it is on a truck headed to Massachusetts. The car was exactly as the owner Jim described it and isvery well sorted. Jim was very accommodating and pleasure to deal with.
  7. BlueBDA - I purchased a Birkin and intending on registering it Massachusetts. This car falls into a real gray area that has several potential paths to registration as it is already titled and registered in another site. Given the MA regulations leave a lot to be desired in clarity and the inability to get a definitive answer from the MAC center I am wondering if your crush car is still available?
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