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  1. Thanks Dave, I’ll check out the mounts. Flipping the pads didn’t seem to change anything.
  2. New build here! It looks as though only the upper portion of my pads are engaging the rotor. Both rear wheels show this — but only on the lateral side of the rotor. It started on the right side rotor and the left now has it as well (~5 miles later). Played around with the pins, they feel pretty free. Inner pads are sitting correctly in the piston. Handbrake cable is adjusted. Next step is to swap the pads around to see if that makes a difference. I bet someone here will post a fix before I even make it out to the garage…
  3. Asking for a favor: could someone with an SV chassis and triple stripes measure the width of both stripes and the space between them? I'm going to be creating vinyl stripes on my own but want to match the stock look. Cheers.
  4. Yeah that looks like the race spec damper: https://caterhamparts.co.uk/dampers/2670-rear-spring-damper-race-threaded.html
  5. The gap between the outer frame rail and your tube look fairly close to mine ± a few mm, perhaps it is just a bit of centering. I haven't found the frame to be very precise overall so I'd think a mm here or there is within tolerance. Once loaded the gap will of course increase (~1–1.5"), so unless you're going airborne on a regular basis I wouldn't think it'd be an issue. Then again, I'm new to this whole 7 thing.
  6. Here's what mine looks like unloaded. It's close, but not touching. This is a new build but it's spent a week or two on its wheels.
  7. @mdork, I made a poor man's version by setting my jack stands on top of some furniture dollies. Made it relatively easy to roll the chassis around, as long as I was careful. You're welcome to them if you'd like.
  8. FWIW, my 420R SV (kitted mid-2020) didn't come with those hex spacers.
  9. Related question — are there off-the-shelf projector beam replacements for the stock lights? I'd imagine going HID would require that, otherwise you'd be blinding everyone around you.
  10. Thank you Bob, Croc, John, and Kitcat! Quick thoughts on each, in the order I tried them: 620R S3 with carbon Tillets: this was the first seven I've ever sat in. Fitting like a glove is exactly the right analogy (5'8"/170lbs). The carbon tillets were super comfortable. Definitely understand what a small toe box is now! 310S SV with leather seats: felt…sloppy? Granted this is quite the contrast after the previous S3/carbon, but I was surprised at how little they hold you in place. By comparison my S2000's seats feel much more secure. G7 SV race car with the FIA Tillet "Big boy" X
  11. Although it's not the exact spec I was thinking (S3/Leather seats/13" wheels/Riviera Blue). I'm strongly considering going in on this, but am looking for advice on a few things: 1. I'm only 5'8" and have a somewhat shorter torso. Will the combination of my heigh, SV chassis, lowered floors, and composite seats pose an issue? Feels like I'm already making a bit of a concession going with the SV, so I'd hate for the visibility to be bad on top of that. 2. Comfort of the tillet seats. Though I plan on doing some HPDE here and there, it's mostly going to be a tourer. The leather seats se
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