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  1. I'm good, Mazda, busy getting work together for an exhibition in November. Need to sell some work soon! :cheers:
  2. It's official... http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/motorsport/formula_one/8256295.stm
  3. Although the media say Schuey has not driven an F1 car 'since 2008' I'm pretty sure he has driven this years car at the Ferrari track at Maranello. And I'm sure Ferrari will get some kind of exemption to allow him to familiarize himself with the car... the FIA is referred to by some as 'Ferrari International Assistance'
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/motorsport/formula_one/8172310.stm not that big a shock IMHO...
  5. Three tail pipes - I don't recall seeing that anywhere before... Love the Stratos BTW.
  6. I did a bunch of work on ABS in the early days - specifically for Ford's advertising (they were the first co to fit ABS as standard on a car range, the Scorpio in Europe). Every word of copy was scrutinized by the lawyers - we could not claim shorter stopping distances, only better control under braking. ABS will stop you shorter in some driving conditions, but not others (in gravel or snow for example having the wheels lock up actually helps...). We took various journalists and motoring groups to Ford's test center in Belgium and had big fun a for a couple of days testing ABS on lots of diffe
  7. It was always my favorite place to land - get a seat on the right hand side and you'd think you were going to fly into a building when they make that right turn. The only 'moment' I recall personally, was seeing a China Airlines Jet sitting in the water at the end of the runway as we came in to land... Happy days.
  8. Martin... for some reason about six posts came up as I posted so it was an honest mistake
  9. So, is no one going to mention the Aston Martin... flipping between the pics it's almost like the AM is a modern version of the Bullitt. Well, I think so!
  10. I can't make it this year, being seven less, but can highly recommend this blat - great roads and scenery and a distinct lack of traffic. Couple of pics from the last one to get you in the mood...
  11. Car looks great, Tom. What is the output on the Zetec (I'm assuming it's standard)? Cheers, Steve.
  12. That is one sweet swede...
  13. My feet are size 12 and the speedcats were perfect for my Caterham...
  14. Another unlucky 13 - and used to live there!
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