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  1. Hi Tom, It has been a while since I was on the site and was surprised to read this post and that you now have a new ride and toy. Sometimes I miss m 7 clone and even think about building another one from time to time. Good to see your enjoying life and having fun. :driving:
  2. A layered lenticular cloud on a cloud is very unusual as a lenticular cloud is usually formed by an air mass moving over a mountain ridge or mountain top and being compressed by another air mass or layer above it to my limited knowledge. One thing I know is you do not want to fly in either a cumulonimbus cloud or a lenticular cloud mainly due to the turbulence that they both have. The lenticular cloud looks peaceful but can have very high upward and down force air flow patterns on the sides of the cloud while the cumulonimbus cloud is full of disturbances due to the uprising air mass. Great
  3. Hi Tom, Not yet. I just finished this 71 Triumph GT6 MK III and have enough spare parts that I have been considering building another 7 from those parts as I have everything extra in the way of drive train and suspension from the rebuild of the GT6. Wounder if the straight six would fit if I stretched the frame....:jester:... Here is a before and after photo. First photo was the day I acquired the GT6 and the second photo was taken on July 20, 2014 at the Central Coast British Car Show. I had put the last part of the interior in the night before the show. PS. My car took second
  4. :driving: Just figured I would sign on and relay this clip that was sent to me by another friend.
  5. NVP66S great post on your build of your WF. I enjoyed the read. Nice craftmanship. :driving:
  6. 2014 Central Coast British Car Show Flyer and Registration All British Cars are welcome so we hope to see some 7's again this year. 2014 CCBCC Car Show Registration Form and Flyer.pdf
  7. Wow. She is hot enough that she would melt the snow and dose not need a shovel. :driving:
  8. Hi coffee break, Just read your post and I would suggest that you connect a direct pressure gauge to the motor and see what the oil pressure reads before you spend the time to drop the pan and pull the end caps of the rods and main bearing caps. If you do go that far you might as well just replace the bearings if there is no evidence of scoring. Just my belief and hope this helps. :driving:
  9. New owner was very happy to get the car this evening and even drove it around his driveway before putting it away for the night. Looks like it will be shipped to his other home in AZ on Saturday. I told him to sign up on the forum and he just smiled and said he might. Garage is now empty for the first time in a long time but that is good as the remodel is about to start on the garage for what ever new toy I decide to place there. Funny my wife actually came out and asked me if she could go for one last ride in the seven as I was getting ready to load it onto the trailer to take to the new
  10. Beautiful slant nose you have there. If you do decide to crank up the boost make sure you put race fuel in it and turn on the video recorder so we can all see and enjoy the ride.
  11. That for sure and I can see it now you will be asking Marg if you can have the keys to the Elise when you want to just go for a drive...:jester:.... :driving:
  12. Manshoon11, Here is a PDF of the information I have on the SB100 Registration Program. Hope this helps. California SB100_Registration.pdf :driving
  13. Hi Tom and lancylad, No I am not that hard just time to move on and let someone else have a good time as my car was just sitting around way to much. It will be very interesting to see what the new owner dose with the car to make it his own. I know the new owner well and he is a confirmed car nut and good guy. Not sure if he will join the forum as he is fairly quiet even on another site we both belong too but you never know. I will definitely tell him about the site and the good group of owners I have meet from this site and the information on all 7's that is available through the forum. Yes
  14. Well I have just sold my Lotus 7 Clone to another car nut / person. All I can say at this point is we have come to an applicable settlement just have to finish the deal which will be the transfer from me to the new owner. I guess I will get it out of the garage tomorrow and go for one last drive while it is still my car. Yes it is going to a good home and I am OK with it as it is time to move on. SOLD :driving:
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