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  1. Sign me up for the full emblem. I'll PM you. Cheers Phil
  2. Hey that sounds great Dave. Drop me a line when you're back. Cheers! Phil
  3. Hey, thanks again John, I'll check those others out. Cheers Phil
  4. I just picked up a 92 Westfield and it won't pass my provincial road inspection with the small glasspack that is on it. This will primarily be a track and autoX car, but I do drive it on the street. I was thinking of just forking over the cash for the Westfield Carbon Fiber muffler, but it will be expensive by the time it gets here to Canada. I'm open to other options, but I do want something that looks better than what's on it. The exhaust is all connected with slip joints, so I'm not above using the existing one for track, and another for street. I'm also open to fabbing something (well, not me, but my welder buddy) so any recommendations are welcome. BTW, the engine is a fully race prepped 2.1 SOHC Ford that's 13:1 with a BIG cam and BIG carbs, so it's quite loud as is. Thanks Phil
  5. Thanks John, and yes my car has the RAC bar. I'll order that over the winter, along with a matching tonneau. It seems I need a new muffler, my garage would not pass it for inspection with the glasspack. I think I'll just order the Westfield carbon fiber muffler, but I may start a thread for recommendations. Cheers Phil
  6. Well, I got the Seven home no problem. I trailered it home on Saturday and my first drive was a blast through a nice newly paved stretch of twisty two lane near my place. What a blast! The shifting with your left hand stuff was only weird for about 5 minutes. This is by far the best handling car I've ever driven, and it's still on 17 year old street tires. I was also highly impressed with how well it rides considering how small and stiff it is. I'm sure the IRS helps immensely here. I gave it a wash on Sunday morning, took it to a local car show, and won best import! I had fun humiliating a new style Hemi Challenger on the way home (a story for another time) and then took my wife for a few rips around said twisty road. Even she was impressed, and let me tell you, she was NOT impressed when I first told her of this purchase! I am super happy with the car so far. Other than the obvious need for fresh tires, I think the only other thing I'll change is the muffler. The tiny glasspack is just way too loud, I'll be even deafer than I already am. I may even spring for the Westfield carbon fiber muffler, because it certainly looks the business. I'll also grab a half top and tonneau cover. Any recommendations on suppliers? The Soft Bits for Sevens stuff looks pretty nice to me. I'll also finish the original fiberglass hood, the Union Jack is a little too Austin Powers for me for street use, but it will look great with a big meatball and number 7 on it for track days and stuff. I'm super stoked to get into this thing in detail over the winter, making a few small changes, and getting it out on the local track for the first time! I have a bunch of pics to download from my phone, so I'll post them soon. Cheers! Phil
  7. Thanks! I wasn't sure if it was enough to hit reserve, but I guess so! I was going to bid more, but you can't bid more than 5X the current bid on BAT, which was only $2850 at the time. Super happy it all worked out, plus it's close to me. Very excited to pick it up next weekend! Cheers Phil
  8. Here's a link to the auction page, it's probably easier. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1992-westfield-zei/ Cheers Phil
  9. I thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm Phil and I just bought the 1992 Westfield Seven that was on Bringatrailer today. I wasn't really looking for one, but it was pretty local and seemed like a good deal. I put in a fair bid in the morning because I knew I would be away when it closed. Much to my surprise when I got home, I was high bid! I haven't even seen it yet, I plan to pick it up next weekend and drive it the 3 hours home. It should be interesting, I've never driven a Seven or even any RHD car! My plan for it is to do a few auto-X and track days, and occasionally drive it on the beautiful rural roads on this Island that I live on. I have a fair bit of previous track and AutoX experience. This is now my third Brit car, I also have a 1972 MGB GT as my summer daily, and a 98 LR Disco as my winter rig and tow vehicle. I also have a 68 Volvo Amazon 2 door and a 67 Chevy C10 Pup, both currently running projects. I'll have some more updates when I see it myself, but here's a few pics from the auction so you get the idea. Cheers Phil
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