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  1. Thanks for the offer. I'm down in LA every couple weeks for work, so I'll send you a PM next time I've got a trip planned.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm considering a Birkin S3, but I've only sat in the cockpit of a mid-90s Caterham which seemed okay, but I'm not sure about the fit with the Birkin. Is there anyone in the Bay area who would be willing to let me sit in your Birkin? Thanks so much!
  3. I'm almost certain that's Graeme's car http://www.usa7s.net/vb/showthread.php?4124-05-Caterham-Super-7-and-Trailer-for-sale
  4. Hey I recognize that one! I work with the guy who built it and is now selling it. He's trying to free up some room to make a 4 person locost so he can get the whole family in.
  5. Red 99 NB1, replaced the stock wheels and super-economy radials with 15x8 6ULs and 205 RE-11s. Bought it last May with 39k and have put 20k on it only driving during the summer.
  6. The R35 is massive. Compared to the R34 it's huge.
  7. http://joesaward.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/caterham-f1.png "What is not widely known is that a Lotus 7 took part in a Formula 1 race in South Africa in December 1962. The Rand Grand Prix was held at Kyalami and attracted a sensible field, including Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Richie Ginther, Innes Ireland, John Surtees and others. It was won by Clark in his Lotus 25, followed home by Trevor Taylor in a similar car. John Surtees was third in a Reg Parnell Lola while Gary Hocking was fourth for Rob Walker. Down in 11th place was a local hero called Brausch Niemann, at the wheel of a Lotus 7,
  8. Scott, where are you at in Michigan?
  9. Reminds me of the Evisol Thorr from 3 years ago. http://www.autoblog.com/media/2008/04/02_thorr_evisol_450-op.jpg "If a company set out to develop an electric sportscar, the Lotus 7 (or one of its various replicas) would be a good place to start. Considering that the main ethos of the vehicle is light weight, relatively heavy components like the battery aren't going to kill performance. Using a Siemens AC motor which is capable of a heady 272 horsepower and weighing in at 1,664 pounds, we don't think that the acceleration will suffer too much. The battery is made up of 196 Kokam lith
  10. I found these last night at Walmart. I couldn't help my self and bought 3 of them. Now I'm going to figure out how to take it apart and paint it.
  11. I feel kind of bad, there are 4 sevens that got left out. Also, something hiding in the grass, hopefully not a 5th.
  12. I actually like the livery, but those doors and that interior...
  13. Another big consideration is transmission design. A bike transmission has straight cut gears and sliding clutch (dogs), while a car transmission has helical cut gears and synchronizers. Single clutching with a dog box can be problematic because the input shaft won't slow down to match the new engine speed without the clutch engaged. That means when you try to force it into gear with the clutch fully open you're slowing down the input shaft you're using metal/metal contact which slowly wears the sliding clutch. What Andrew is suggesting is basically synchronizing with the clutch disk it
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