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  1. I think you made the “7” reversed.
  2. Love the BBQ grill on this one! Never thought of adding one to any of mine. Would just have to calculate how many miles = medium rare! !
  3. Great pics, and hobbies! Yes the Superformance was factory built less engine and tranny. Most installed the recommended Ford 2.0l Zetec. Only about 4 of them in Canada. Waited 10 years to be able to import one (15 year old exemption rule in Canada) I just bought a Polaris Slingshot last September so only got to drive it a couple times before winter hit - looking forward to it this summer. Probably selling my Harley because of the high bike insurance that you mentioned - unless you have a connection for a discount? Lol. Ron.
  4. Finally another Canadian!!! I am just north of Uxbridge so a stone’s throw away. Welcome and good on ya. Ron.
  5. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/203283021933 Beautiful Superformance S1 for sale. Less than 1000 miles and great price.
  6. Mine is pretty easy to change the muffler as the collector ends inside the engine compartment so I can just have a different joiner pipe made up. It has a custom muffler and polished cover that the previous owner had made but the baffles are rattling and driving me nuts! I want to get rid of the polished cover as nothing else on the car is shiny. I really like the look of a carbon muffler - ever since I had my Yamaha R1:)
  7. Seems like a lot of the companies that used to make carbon silencers have gone out of business. Westfield has a 10% off sale until tomorrow night. I emailed them to ask what size inlet their carbon one is but I have not heard back. I need 2 1/2”. I think I will order the Blue Flame unit. They probably make the Westfield one for them anyways.
  8. I assume nobody here has tried one of these Blue Flame silencers? https://www.blueflameperformance.com/Kit-Car-Universal-Exhausts/universal-caterham-kit-car-carbon-exhaust-muffler-blueflame-blue-flame-3%22
  9. I’ll stick with my cushy padding that Superformance comes with.
  10. Smart Fortwo electric and a Hummer H2. Anybody have more polar opposites than that? Lol.
  11. Are you from Canada? Lol.
  12. Canadian 7

    Over 1 year

    Ok now that nobody has posted in the Canadian section for over a year I’ll post! Am I the only person in Canada with a seven???
  13. Doesn't the Whole interior have to be taken out to do this?
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