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FS: 2012 Birkin S3 - Fully Built Engine / Trans / Diff / Sus - Titled and Registered

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Thank you for checking out my add! Here is a little background:


I have had a number of performance cars over the years. Everything form Mazda RX’s, to Mitsu EVO’s, Corvettes, BMW M’s, and Lotus’s. Prior to having the Birkin S3, I had a 2008 Lotus Elise SC. It was the most raw performance car I had owned. I loved it, but had been researching and lusting over Lotus 7’s for years. I sold my Elise SC in a matter of hours and started my search for a 7. I looked at Caterhams’s, Westfield’s, Birkin’s, and Superlight’s. What I liked most about the Birkin is that it had everything the Caterham did, at about 65% of the price. After looking at a few examples, I ended up flying to Texas Motorworks in Dallas, TX and putting a deposit down on the car. This car was imported and rolling chassis completed in 2012. Engine and drivetrain were completed shortly after. engine and chassis have about 1004 miles on them at current. I was built to be the best example of what a Birkin could be (sans Supercharger).


So, Why am I selling? The car is just a little too much for me. It’s truly a street legal racecar. Its Titled and Registered in Georgia as a 1967 Lotus 7.

A little about the car:



High-Performance Ford Duratec 2 Ltr. (output is roughly 265 bhp)


  • Custom designed air-box intake (setup for future supercharger conversion)
  • Haltech engine management system (currently tuned to run on 93 Octane, but has and could easily be converted to E85)
  • 42-pound injectors
  • 12:1 compression
  • stage 3 cams
  • high-performance springs
  • High-performance header system (4 into 1), heat wrapped and fully insulated exhaust system
  • aluminum flywheel
  • high-performance close ratio five-speed transmission (T-9 w/ Straight cut gears)
  • six-pad clutch disc with annular clutch


Suspension, Brakes, and Wheels:

This car is equipped with a FULL front and rear independent suspension that is completely adjustable and lightweight aluminum shocks. The front suspension is the wide track version. It also has a Subaru limited slip differential.

Fully adjustable Wilwood front /rear brakes.

The wheels are Enkei PF01’s. Fronts and spare are 15X7 w/ 205/5015 BF Goodrich G-force sport tires and the Rears are 15X8 w/ 225/5015 BF Goodrich G-force sport tires.


Other details:

You will notice form the pictures that this Birkin sports a True British Racing Green exterior w/ Black interior. The cockpit is fully carpeted with Dynamat sound and heat insulation on the firewalls and foot wells, five-point restraints, auxiliary outlet for your GPS, and Birkin Sports Seats! Some other items to note are the custom black muffler guard, black headlights, flush-mount aviation gas cap, carbon-fiber rear-view mirrors, and spare tire carrier. The inside of the fenders and the underside of the car features Rhino-lining for protection and durability.

This Birkin includes all the options from full weatherproofing including top and side curtains to a friendly-weather Bikini top for maximum enjoyment on the hottest days! On nice days when stopping off somewhere, the Birkin includes a tonneau cover that can be used in two configurations to protect your investment.

Over $55,000 was originally invested in this car. Obviously more has been spent to tune and maintain over the last 3 years. The car is stored in a climate controlled garage.


I am asking $41,995 obo for this stellar reproduction Lotus 7. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, requests for pictures, info, test drives, etc.



Adam Kingery










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Hi Adam, this car still appears on Brink's website, showing both an Arizona and Georgia tag, and two different front suspension configurations. You talk about its 2012 importation, but not clear if you are the original and sole owner? Did Brink build the car, or some previous owner? How long have you owned it? thx

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