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  1. Anyone else unable to visit the Caterham Cars UK website? Every time I try, including selecting "united kingdom" from the drop-down menu, it defaults back to the USA site.
  2. Hmm, so this car was advertised 18 months ago as "$45k invested, I'll sell it for $30k"; now, that buyer is willing to let it go for $17k obo because of a lack of storage space? surely more to this than meets the eye?
  3. Holy cr*p !!! Angus is back. We followed his/their web exploits for years, then they vanished. Will be interesting to see how this goes forward. :-)
  4. In the mid-2000's I built and registered a Cat in Canada from a kit. Five years later I moved to USA, and the EPA wouldn't let me bring it in. I used that exact "I can build the identical car down there" argument, and their answer was "well, do that then". ugh.
  5. Yes, this is off a 1600 crossflow, and has been mildly cleaned up to the fairly restrictive formula ford limits. So better than factory cast, buts lots of potential still available.
  6. Superb historic car, but to me a $50k car with a $100k previous-celebrity-owners premium. :-) https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C958198
  7. We converted a Formula Ford to an aluminum head, so this iron head with valves and springs is fresh and ready for your Caterham. Have already confirmed that shipping just about anywhere in the country is under $100. Will consider offers around $600. imacautosport@gmail.com
  8. No affiliation, just posting of interest. (i.e. please don't ask me about it LOL) http://www.apexspeed.com/forums/showthread.php?82314-1960-Lotus-S2-Seven-America-7a
  9. it does unfortunately have the "Autocourseinc" cloud over it ......
  10. the so-called Mega-Set; USA format of course; 10 dvd's, all episodes plus bonus material; Paid $200 on Amazon, sell for half - $99 (plus shipping) ianonline777atgmaildotcom
  11. I have what looks to be the identical floor in post #10. It's 7 years old and still near-perfect. I will say the claim that the "decorative flakes add traction" is a stretch, this floor is like teflon when wet. Oh, and it will gouge if something sharp and heavy is dragged across it, but no further lifting or flaking in the area of the score lines. Full disclosure regarding preparation - I had the benefit of buying a house previously built on-spec, which sat empty for 18 months after completion prior to me coming along, so the floor had fully gassed out and dried out prior to me starting the
  12. Those of you that have Puma's, how do the sizes compare to your other sport shoe brands? (ie buy +1/2 size? same? or?) thanks
  13. This is no reflection on S&E, as the car was built by, and now being sold by, someone other than them, but if it doesn't have the chassis plate that ALL cars/kits came with, be cautious, even suspicious....
  14. four segments, approx 32", 42", 52" and 55" ; never used, these are end of roll pieces. how about $25 shipped in the 48? ianonline777@gmail.com
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