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Caterham CSR front suspension rocker bearing modification

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I always had problems with the rocker bearing. first after 3 years in 2009 with approx 45K km. The spigot and the  oilbush (sintered bronze) got stuck. Thereafter I fiddled stupidly along greasing until  found out this winter greasing oilbushes is wrong. I looked for alternatives also because these bushes are more suited for rotational and less for oscillating movements. I found needle roller bearing and this is what Install this winter: full complement open end needle roller bearings B 1212 (ID 3/4 OD 1 inch width 3/4) 3 pcs.  per rocker from Koyo but also available from others when you search, as a spigot I use a piston bolt OD 19mm and length 68mm, thie inner diameter of the piston bolt is somewhat larger thant the original piston bolt I made a sleve from a 0.3mm aluminum sheet. As a thrust washer I use  Iglidur W300 WTI-1220-01 washers ID 3/4 https://www.igus.at/product/131.  look forward how it works our this summer

questions welcome Hanns Per

CSR rocker bearing.jpg

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Hi Hanns Per @repsna 


At what mileage point did the original bushings fail.  I know you do good mileage in your car - you are the Caterham development test driver!  My suspension rocker bushings are still going strong - I check them thoroughly each year.  The only suspension bushings that have failed on my car and had to be replaced were the wishbone rubber type for which I used a Powerflex Poly Bush kit to fix that.  I am intrigued by the mileage fail point as that will give me a guide when to expect it on mine. 



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Hello Mike I realized it after 3 years maybe 45.000 km it was back in 2008/2009. The spigot was firm in the bush and oszillated on the the bolt!!! so maybe its good to become sensible after 20.000km or so?  Since then I fiddled around with greasing the spigot and bush which was wrong. Sintered bronze bushes are not made for greasing they are made for oiling with special oil I learned this only now after studying the issue. One thing I had in mind was to drill a hole in the middle of the rocker (from the top) and install a nipple for oiling easily to avoid changing bushes. Bushes are cheap. But then I decided to experiment with needle roller bearings.


I have powerflex for the rear suspension and for the front lower whishbones. But for the front upper whichbone the rear power flex bush became loose after 15.000 km.  So I made  (my son!) bushes from delrin and so far no play after 30.000 km.


Hope I could give You some helpfull feedback

Hanns Per


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