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A dimension needed

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I am considering switching from Brooklands windscreens to a moulded aeroscreen on my Birkin. Could I trouble any of you with an S3/CSR for the dimension across the scuttle between the lower windscreen stanchion mounting points? Basically the width of the scuttle at that point. Thanks

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Papak. If you are trying to see if the Caterham aeroscreen fits a Birkin, I can confirm it does  not. Ditto a Caterham standard windscreen. I owned both a S3 Cat and standard Birkin at the same time for a while. I had a Caterham issued Brooklands set up that I tried to fit to my Birkin. It wasn’t  close. The shapes of the cowls, while visually similar, are actually very different.

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Thanks. I was hoping that the wider scuttle fitment might work. I misspoke in my initial post. I am looking for the dimension of the wider scuttle, SV/CSR. If this doesn't work, I'll probably make a mold and lay one up myself.

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