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WTB crossflow oil pan


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It took a while, but I did locate mins. It is the 7" deep one.


Here's the deal. If you are looking because you can't find one and need one I'll be happy to sell mine for fair retail value. If you are looking for a deal less than retail value I'll prefer to keep my spare.


I'm trying to find out what the fair market value of it is.




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That's a strange looking critter...I'm guessing it's aftermarket of some kind.

Nothing about it looks "Ford" to me.

The gasket rails are not stamped the way ford did it, and I've never seen one with that slant bottom.

That said, I'm just looking for a backup--mine drags bottom every now and then, so if you want to part with it at a reasonable price, let me know




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Yes, the one on the car is much more rounded and Ford-looking. The previous owner bought is when the original got holed. He decided to have the original fixed instead of replacing it, so this is a spare. Given that you are just looking for a spare I think I will keep it.


I suspect is better baffled than the Ford one to prevent oil starvation in high G situations.



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