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  1. 1600 or 1700 cc? I have a Supersprint. The length is critical because the total length of the intake from the valve to the end of the trumpets controls the RPM at which the resonance enhances torque/horsepower. Anker
  2. A lot of Caterhams used Girling master cylinders. Try to remove yours and see if it is a Girling. They are available from a lot of places. Anker
  3. Yes, the one on the car is much more rounded and Ford-looking. The previous owner bought is when the original got holed. He decided to have the original fixed instead of replacing it, so this is a spare. Given that you are just looking for a spare I think I will keep it. I suspect is better baffled than the Ford one to prevent oil starvation in high G situations. Anker
  4. It took a while, but I did locate mins. It is the 7" deep one. Here's the deal. If you are looking because you can't find one and need one I'll be happy to sell mine for fair retail value. If you are looking for a deal less than retail value I'll prefer to keep my spare. I'm trying to find out what the fair market value of it is.
  5. I have a sump pan that I'll take a picture of and send to you later. I assume it is stock, but not 100% sure. It came as a spare when I bought my 7.
  6. An option is to get your hands on a Formula Ford engine, which is a 1.6 l crossflow. They make new blocks for them and all the other parts can be procured. Anker
  7. Great idea. My back skin has a couple of dents caused by stuff sliding around in the boot!
  8. Thanks wemtd! That's a good option to have. I have ordered a set from Rocky Mountain Caterham, my goto dealer and should get them in to to get the car on the road next spring. Anker
  9. Ouch! I am pretty sure the damage is limited to just the half shaft. But I will inspect all bushings to make sure there isn't some play there that could have been the initial problem that then progressed catastrophically. On all my cars I save everything I take off that may come in handy later, but thanks for making the point! Anker
  10. From replies on the Lotus7.club site I understand that Caterham and the dealers are the only sources for the half shafts. I'm going to call them tomorrow and try to order 2 so I can replace both. Thanks/Anker
  11. At the final Autocross yesterday I was going through a fast left hand turn when I heard a loud bang from the rear followed by loud clanking noises from the rear any time the clutch was engaged. When I got it back to the pits and jacked up I could see that the universal joint between the differential and the half shaft was ripped apart, probably by the forces generated by the wheel slipping and gripping. It has race tires, so the forces are not insignificant. Now I have to figure out what parts need replacement and where I can source them from. The car is a 1987 Caterham Supersprint. Take a look at the pictures and reply if you have any advice or suggestions! Thanks/Anker
  12. If the starter motor spins the solenoid is working. It sounds to me like the issue is with the pinion gear engagement. Was the starter weak before it failed? I don't know how the pinion gear gets pushed towards the flywheel, but if it is purely mechanical it could simply be that it needs a good cleaning/degreasing.
  13. I have ordered several item from the UK since becoming a Caterham owner, and never had to provide a SSN. And I have never paid duty either, even the time that something from Ukraine sat in customs for weeks!
  14. It definitely is not required! I never give my SSN unless it someone who I know needs it.
  15. I will do either! Maybe the C&C is best on this short notice.
  16. I am all for a morning blat. We can meet up at Minuteman or a parking lot and convoy! I am busy with route planning for a Porsche rally, so I cannot volunteer to plan a route for a blat.
  17. Unfortunately they are really busy that day and can't accommodate us. We will have to wait until next year.
  18. It looks like we will get a go. I am sure I will know tomorrow. I would like to know how many of you plan to come, so please respond in this thread if you plan to make it.
  19. Even driving my Porsche Boxster 986 I feel tiny in the sea of SUVs and pickups.
  20. I will contact them on Monday to check whether they can accommodate us.
  21. I really prefer blind nuts. They hold much better than pop rivets in sheet metal. I have used them to replace several snaps on my car.
  22. We can meet at Minuteman Airfield in Stow and get a bite at Nancy's Cafe if we give them a heads up first. I can to Saturday October 9th. Anker
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