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Propshaft needed

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Anyone got a recommendation for a supplier?  Need to connect a type 9 box to an English axle


I know if I go to my local shop, their eyes will just glaze over when I say "English axle"


NWpropshafts seems to be the place, if you're on that side of the pond.




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I think your going to need a lot more information above "English Axle". But I have used https://chicagodriveline.com/ in the past with success. But I gave them the front  and  rear drive flanges, they used that information to source new components to build a driveshaft. 



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North West Propshafts is the place !!!

I emailed them and they said  type 9 sure, which flange is on your "english" axle?  I didn't know it was multiple choice, but they sent me a sheet with possibilities. Measured it up and got it figured out.  

All they needed was:

type 9

which rear flange

length from trans seal to front of diff flange

When I ordered it, I asked about delivery time, and the guy said "they'll probably build it tonight"

So, in about 5 days I got a shaft, from folks who really know how


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