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Shutdown Averted Again

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15 hours ago, MV8 said:

Last time it was 35 days.

What many "essential" (law enforcement) employees who are required to report to duty, during a lapse of funding,  learned then was they got all the backpay even if they were AWOL during the lapse.

This isn't a good time to have a payment problem for Border Patrol and Customs while the southern border is getting bum rushed.  The cattle call is loud and clear.  Come and get fed.

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I agree, though I'm not sure AWOL is the best word. "Joe plumber, you are essential/excepted. We have some clogs in the system we want you to observe, but not actually clear at this time, because we "never let a good crisis go to waste". You are not eligible for furlough. You must expend your remaining time and financial resources to continue working indefinitely without pay. Your accrued benefit of annual and sick leave is cancelled. Back pay is not scheduled, much less assured. Even if furloughed, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits and cannot return to the plumbing industry briefly as that could be a conflict of interest. Have a nice day". Some of this changed with PL116-1.

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