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Sudbury sighting .... and missed opportunity


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New Years Eve arrived with nice weather and clean roads - so why not a little afternoon blat?  After returning and tucking the Seven back in the garage, my wife asks if I got her text to stop at the store.... But instead of jumping back in the Seven I take my Porsche 944S.  Mistake.


As I enter Sudbury, MA from Rt 20 eastbound I pass a lovely blue Caterham with bundled up passenger and driver clearly having more fun than I.


This will be my story of how I just missed spotting a Seven in the wild while driving a Seven.  Don't let it happen to you!


(If the Caterham was yours, I was in the the red 944 you passed just before the intersection with Horse Pond Road.)

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This car?image.thumb.jpeg.c4a2b7f18d5abe2b314a611086ed66c6.jpeg


Yeah, that was me.  This car cannot driven incognito... My brother is visiting from abroad, and this drive was the highlight of the trip so far.  


Marek, I had to create an account to answer your post. I think we met a few months ago on that outing in Concord, Stow, etc. -- there was a 13-B in the group, same color, so I think we met.

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