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Half door install


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Hey Everyone,

So I'm finally getting around to installing the half doors on my 2021 SV 420R, and, there are more pieces than I expected :)


I've seen the page for the Tonneau cover install where it shows the front two riveted poppers:



However, I'm not entirely sure what to do with the rest.  My fittings bag contains:

4 Rivets

4 "normal" poppers (tops and bottoms)

4 "Pull the dot" caps? 

4 Hex shaped snaps/poppers (upper right in the pic)

4 Other Parts for a snap/popper? (The upper most in the pic)

And a Washer sprayer nozzle (haha, I assume that is a mistake)


So I assume the "normal" snaps (smooth black top, and silver/chrome bottoms) go with the rivets and near the front as outlined in the tonneau cover document.

However, I am at a loss as to what to do with the rest.


The doors are the half doors with the arm rest:


Any chance anyone might be able to lend some pointers or some pics of what a properly installed one looks like?


I appreciate the help!

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Maybe this thread will lead me to finally put mine on too


My only advice is to get a proper rivet clamping tool. Made my life a lot easier for all the related projects so far but does come with a cost 


It seems expensive but when you consider the cost of car, the cost of doors, tonneau and whatever else you might install and cost of mistakes it seems a lot less expensive after



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@Vovchandr, good tip, I do manage to have one, as I needed to add a bunch of snaps to the full hood.  They didn't seem to come installed on the backside of mine for whatever reason.  A tool like that made it a ton easier.


I am surprised how much trouble I am having finding install instructions for the door lol.

I'll see if I can call up a dealer and see what they say, and if I find out, I'll report back here.

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